International Day of Sex Workers 2023: wishes, quotes, messages, WhatsApp and Facebook status to share

Since 1976, this day has been commemorated to show respect for S*x workers and recognize them as valuable contributors to society.

Every year on June 2, people celebrate International S*x Workers Day. Another name for International Sex Workers Day is International Whore Day. The world celebrates this day with the aim of highlighting the rampant exploitation of all S*x workers as well as their worst working conditions, that is, how they face everything on a day-to-day basis, and also to raise awareness among all workers S*x. about how people abuse and victimize sex workers. Since 1976, this day has been commemorated to show respect for S*xworkers and recognize them as valuable contributors to society. Therefore, we have provided a selection of great greetings, sayings and messages that you can send to your loved ones.

International S*x-Workers Day 2023 Wishes

  1. Gather everyone; collectively, the voice can support the women hiding behind the face of a defenseless, hard-working sex worker.
  2. People don’t understand the compulsion that drives the work of prostitutes. In search of shelter and sustenance, S*x workers throw away their dignity. They deserve to be rescued from exploitation and elevated.
  3. Raise awareness about prostitutes who are women; if you respect women why would you turn your back on S*x workers?
  4. When you hear about a S*x worker in public, don’t lower your head; they deserve equality and have the right to travel freely.
  5. Those escorting the S*x workers are individuals from our own population. Why should only S*x workers be exploited when everyone deserves to be treated with dignity?
  6. Raise your voice for prostitutes doing sex work on their knees and still being mistreated!
  7. Prostitutes work for pay, but not for mistreatment and exploitation. They don’t ask for favors; rather, they demand an end to exploitation.
  8. No human being deserves mistreatment or exploitation. International Whore Day is a day to denounce the exploitation of S*x workers. Prostitutes do not provide ill treatment.
  9. Treat a prostitute with dignity and reverence. Donate if possible to S*x workers and help improve their living conditions.
  10. There is no harm in speaking publicly to improve the living conditions of S*x workers. As human beings, it is our responsibility to denounce injustices and advocate for women who fight every day to survive.
  11. If you can’t spread the love, don’t waste your hate on the whores and sex workers who fight every day for equality and pride in living in this cruel and hypocritical world.
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International S*x-Workers Day 2023 Messages

  1. Whores only work for money, not for mistreatment and exploitation. They have the right to equality, and they have the freedom to roam freely.
  2. Spread the message to respect S*x workers and speak out against violence and injustice on International S*x Workers Day.
  3. On the eve of International Whore Day, honor those who fought for justice for S*x workers who were neglected and exploited at the hands of their clients.
  4. On the eve of International Whore Day, unite and stand up against the exploitation and poor living conditions of S*x workers and their families.
  5. Happy International Slut Day to all you shy S*x workers out there! You are like us.
  6. Today, on S*x Workers Day, stand with the families of S*x workers enduring great suffering. In the bleak world of a S*x worker, we must stick together to bring them joy.
  7. Today is International Whore Day, and it’s a great day to help S*xa workers live a dignified life by helping and supporting them.
  8. Raise your voice for whores, because they are also human beings who want respect, and they deserve it. Please grant them the same treatment.

International S*x-Workers Day 2023 Quotes

  1. “Some would say that a whore has no expectation of heaven.” I would say that if she gives value for cash, she has a better chance of getting God’s blessing than any average banker.” Elizabeth Bear
  2. S*x work is also work, and whores are human beings who work, treat them with equality and respect, and raise awareness.
  3. Wishing International Whore Day to all S*x workers celebrating, commemorating and raising their voices for S*x workers
  4. “He said, ‘They’re just whores,’ as if their very availability made them worthless.” Ellen Kushner
  5. “People should realize that women are not whores or virgins. I want to see women who are real human beings.” Kate Beckinsale
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