Is Cherinet Fikadu really dead? The death hoax debunked

These days we constantly hear the news of the death of many famous personalities. In general, this type of news does not take long to cause a commotion on social networks and fans of the stars start looking for them without wasting any more time. But now, most of the fans are smart enough and they know that many websites use such rumors to get a lot of traffic and that is why they search for authentic information and only then believe it. This time too Artiste Cherinet Fikadu fans are doing the same since they heard the passing news from him.

Is Cherinet Fikadu really dead?

Fans were baffled after hearing this news, but after patiently searching for its authenticity, they find out something that makes their day. Now, those who are still grieving his passing should take heart as these death rumors seem false. Yes, the artist is fine and all the rumors related to his death are completely wrong and false and this is officially confirmed by the actor who has denounced his death. All these rumors started after a Youtube video appeared on the web claiming that the Ethiopian artist is no more.

Initially, her fans were shocked and went into a sudden trauma, but some of them didn’t believe it and started searching for the real information while praying that this news was fake. The video first appeared on January 10, 2023 along with an Amharic headline translated as “Artiste Cherinet Fikadu is dead.” The content of the video indicates that Cherient became sad after the death of his beloved friend and fellow artist Tariku Birhanu. Not only this publication also added that the artist died after suffering from a serious heart condition and took his last breath at the hospital as mentioned in the viral video.

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The video went viral and her fans started calling her representative, who rejected all those claims, stating that the rumors are completely false. The actor also confirmed that this news is false through a phone call and states that “The rumor of my death is far from the truth and also I do not have any disease of that type.” Other than that, the artist has been active on Facebook ever since he made the claim on February 7, 2023. Now, the fans are happy after hearing this news and cussing out the websites that share the fake news. We are also happy with the news that he is fine and that nothing has happened to him.

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