Is Karl Urban in Armored Core 6? Karl Urban does not make a cameo

Finally, we all have seen the trailer for Armored Core 6. Now all the fans are very excited about Armored Core 6, but there are some rumors that famous New Zealand actor Karl Urban is a part of Armored Core 6. This rumor has started since the release of your trailer. Some people discovered that there is a voice of Karl in the trailer. Because of that, people expect him to be a part of Armored Core 6. So come on let us know the truth and check if he is a part of Armored Core 6 or not.

Does Karl Urban carry an Armored Core 6?

Karl Urban was born on June 7, 1972 in Wellington, New Zealand. His full name is Karl-Heinz Urban. He is a well known figure in the New Zealand entertainment industry. He is a popular actor from New Zealand. He was born to his father, who was a German immigrant and used to run a leather goods store and his mother was an urban youth, who was also well known in New Zealand cinema. Seeing his mother, Karl became very interested in acting. He completed his studies at the school of the church of San Marcos. His first experience as an actor was when he was just eight years old when he played a unique dialogue role in a television series Pioneer Woman was a New Zealand television show.

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After her studies, she graduated from Wellington College and then went on to Victoria University of Wellington where she did a Bachelor of Arts program but stopped studying after a year so she could fully focus on acting. Karl Urban’s married life is also highly controversial as in September 2004 he married Natalie WIhongi, a well-known makeup artist in the entertainment industry. They are lucky to have two sons whose names are Hunter and Indiana. Then suddenly, in June 2014, they announced they were getting a divorce. Then in 2014 Karl announced that he was in a relationship with actress Katee Sackhoff and then in 2018 they broke up.

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If we look at the latest rumor that Karl Urban is a part of Armored Core 6, then this news is completely false. He is not a part of Armored Core 6. He will also not appear in Armored Core 6. Currently, he is a part of the live action thriller created by Bandai Namco and they are going to promote the game. Not even Karl has given his voice to any statute in Armored Urban 6.

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