Is Zeke Elliott leaving the Cowboys? Internet Rumors Trend

Zeke’s fans are pretty stressed ever since they heard the news of his departure from the Cowboys. There are many people who are leaving their posts and it seems that a new name has been added. The recent news about the firing of Ezekiel Elliott from the Dallas Cowboys has shocked the National Football League (NFL) community. The talented player had been with the team for 7 seasons and was the key player in their offense. With him gone, many are wondering what this means for the Cowboys’ future.

Is Zeke Elliott leaving the Cowboys?

His fans want to know the reason for his departure and are eager to find out more about his new project. He filled the running back job, was with the team for 7 seasons and was the key player in their offense. Through this blog, we share more information about this, so don’t forget to read it till the end. The Dallas Cowboys made a serious move in the 2023 National Football League offseason, releasing star running back Ezekiel Elliott. This decision came as a big surprise to several fans and analysts, as Elliot had been an important player for the team. He was recruited in the year 2016.

Zeke Elliot

The Cowboys team cited financial contemplation as the reason for this move, as Elliott’s contract had become increasingly onerous for the team. Despite this disappointment from many fans, the Cowboys look to the future and believe this deal will benefit the team. The fans want to know why he is leaving the team. The decision to pitch Ezekiel Elliott was not an easy one for the Dallas Cowboys, who have had to rely heavily on the running back since he emerged in 2016.

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Zeke Elliot

The Cowboys ultimately decided, though, that Elliott’s contract had become too expensive and they needed to free up salary-cap space to address other areas of requirement. Despite his talents on the field, his contract with Elliott was seen as a major obstacle to the team’s future success, and the Cowboys felt they couldn’t justify seeing him on the roster at his current salary. Ezekiel Elliott’s contract with the Dallas Cowboys was one of the most profitable in National Football League history. It was signed in the year 2019 and the deal was worth around $90 million over 6 years, with $50 million endorsed.

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