It’s time for a new optical illusion: all you have to do is spot all 15 faces

Optical illusions have long captured the human mind, perplexing our senses and reasoning processes. These perplexing topics, ranging from the traditional spinning wheel to the controversy over the iconic color of clothing, never cease to surprise and perplex us.

In keeping with this obsession, a new optical illusion has emerged that promises to challenge your powers of observation. On this occasion, the task is to identify each of the 15 faces hidden in a single photograph.

At first glance, the image in question appears to be a collection of seemingly random shapes and patterns. However, the real challenge only becomes apparent upon closer investigation, as the intricate design hides 15 hidden faces.

The work is fascinating and difficult because the faces vary in size and orientation.

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This illusion consists of detecting the 15 faces

This illusion is easy to detect.  All you have to do is identify every 15th face.Credit: Twitter

Initially, you may see a windmill, a large face, two warriors, or countless other hidden objects.

The illusion shows the famous story of Don Quixote, a Spaniard with the mission of becoming a knight and regaining chivalry. Are you ready to take a look? Many people seem crazy trying to find the 15 faces in the illusion.

We’ve listed a few more obvious ones to help you in your search for the remaining 15.

How to deal with the problem:


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It would be best if you had a good eye and time to solve this optical illusion. Here are some tips to help you get going:

  • Start by getting the big picture. Don’t focus on any section of the canvas; rather, let your eyes float over the whole thing. By doing this, you will be able to better understand the overall layout and spot potential face-like shapes.
  • Many of the hidden faces may have symmetrical features. Since our brain is inherently driven toward balance and order, symmetry often plays a vital role in producing visual illusions. Look for patterns in mirror images that may resemble faces.

The answer is revealed here!

You may see the character Xarifa working in the field in the center left of the image, along with possibly the face of a dog.

The top right of the artwork shows a ghostly face watching over the action.

Sancho Panzo, a farmer, and Don Quixote are the two characters that appear in the center of the painting.

Explore the challenging illusion, but don’t worry if you didn’t discover all the faces; we have surrounded them here for convenience.

This illusion is easy to detect.  All you have to do is identify every 15th face.Credit: Twitter

Offering a fascinating fusion of art and science, the world of optical illusions never ceases to surprise and captivate us.

This new optical illusion’s challenge of identifying the 15 hidden faces serves as a reminder of the complex ways our brains operate, as well as the limitless imagination of artists and illusionists.

So if you’re up for a creative and psychological brain exercise, try this optical illusion. Perhaps you will come to appreciate the complexity of human perception in a new way.

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