‘I’ve never been’: Shin Fujiyama will travel to Mexico to support the ‘H’, and he’s giving away two tickets!

The Japanese influencer Shin Fujiyama shared news this Monday that has him very excited: he will go to Mexico to support the Honduras team.

The philanthropist has been living in Honduras for several years, carrying out altruistic work and trying to fulfill a purpose: to build 1,000 schools in the country, of which he already has 64.

His love for Honduras grows every day, so he will go as another fan to support the team in the game tomorrow Tuesday against Mexico for the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Nations League.

Even though he feels “nervous” because he doesn’t know the city or anyone, he doesn’t want to miss the game.

“See you at the Azteca Stadium. I’ve never been to Mexico City, I don’t know anyone there, and I’m nervous about going alone. But this game is TOO important for Honduras. I just bought my ticket and I’ll leave in the early morning from San Pedro Sula,” he noted.

Tickets for your followers

Likewise, the Japanese indicated that he has two extra tickets in case someone would like to accompany him.

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“I have two extra tickets from the party. Who would like to go with me in CDMX? Write to me,” he said.

Those interested should write the Shin Fujiyama Team profile for more information.

Shin announced that he will travel to Mexico from San Pedro Sula in the early morning, so those interested should contact him during the afternoon.

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Fujiyama is a philanthropist and blogger of Japanese origin with American nationality. He founded the student association to help Honduras along with his sister to build schools in the country.

In addition, the philanthropist has his own institution: Villa Soleada Bilingual School, which graduated the first generation of young people in August 2022.

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