Jessica Chambers murder verdict update: Suspect Quinton Tellis is serving a robbery sentence in Mississippi

If you check the news daily, you must have heard the name, Quinton Tellis. In this article, we will discuss where Quinton Tellis is today and what the conviction was. Much more has been discussed about Quinton Tellis in this article. We brought you this article because many are curious about the whereabouts of Quinton Tellis and his connection to the murder of Jessica Chambers. To address netizens’ inquiries about Quinton Tellis’s connection to the Jessica Chambers murder case, we prepared this article. If you are looking for reliable and confirmed details on the mentioned topic then this is the right place for you. In this article, we have discussed all the imperative points of this story. So stay tuned to this page and take a look at the next section. Kindly drag down the page.

Jessica Chambers and Quinton Tellis

Jessica Chambers Murder Verdict Update

Quinton Tellis was arrested on suspicion of killing a 19-year-old named Jessica Chambers. And this incident dates back to 2014. Meanwhile, the Jessica Chambers murder case captured national attention. Therefore, people are showing a great desire to know where Quinton Tellis is today. His legal journey has been quite controversial and complicated. here you will learn about the trial, the verdict, the current status and its connection to other Quinton Tellis criminal cases.

Jessica Chambers Quinton Tellisjessica chambers

Quinton Tellis is a man from Courtland, Mississippi. To date, he has turned 34 years of age. In December 2014, Quinton Tellis was arrested for allegedly killing Jessica Chambers. In fact, Quinton Tellis was indicted twice for allegedly killing Jessica, but both times his trials resulted in mistrials due to deadlocked juries. Later in 2019, a grand jury indicted him on one count of second-degree murder, but he, too, was dismissed last year due to technical issues. Where is he now? Scroll down the page to learn this.

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Jessica Chambers Quinton TellisQuinton Tellis

Quinton Tellis is currently serving a five-year sentence for robbery in Mississippi. Quinton Tellis is expected to come out in 2024. Quinton Tellis consistently maintained his innocence in court despite being tried twice. In the first trial, the jury deadlocked with 6-6 votes and during the second trial, the jury was unable to reach a decision resulting in a mistrial. Prosecutors charged Quinton Tellis saying he set Jessica on fire when she refused to have sex with him. But he could not prove himself in court. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Jessica Chambers Quinton TellisQuinton Tellis

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