José María Torre brothers, get to know the Torre dynasty

The Torre family is one of the most prolific in the world of Mexican entertainment. José María Torre, one of its most prominent members, is an actor and fashion designer.

The Torre family is made up of 10 siblings, all of them with successful professional careers.

José María Torre is the mayor, followed by Fátima Torre, Andrea Torre, Paola Torre Hütt, Mariano Torre Hutt, Lucía Torre Hütt, Suzel Torre Hütt, María Torre Hütt, Julián Torre Hütt and Juan Álvaro Torre Hütt.

What do you do for a living?

In addition to José María, others who are dedicated to entertainment are:

  • Fátima Torre: Actress, model and singer.
  • Andrea Torre: Actress, host and comedian.
  • Mariano Torre: Grill chef.
  • Juan Álvaro Torre: Architect.

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José María Torre and his sisters.


José María Torre has said on several occasions that his brothers are his greatest support. The Torre family is very close and they support each other in their professional careers.

The Torre family is one of the most prominent in the world of Mexican entertainment. José María Torre is one of its best-known members, but all of the Torre brothers are talented and successful in their respective careers.

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