Judge in Trump’s New York civil fraud trial slaps hand on bench

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Judge in Trump’s civil fraud trial in New York

The Manhattan judge presiding over Donald Trump’s $250 million civil fraud trial lost his cool Wednesday as the former president’s lawyers grilled his former accountant about conflicting testimony, slamming his hand on the bench and yelling, “This is ridiculous.” “. After Trump’s team alleged that Donald Bender, a partner at accounting firm Mazars USA, was dodging their questions, the judge responded testily. Additionally, the lawyers had emphasized time and again that they and Bender needed to review Trump’s financial documents “year after year carefully.”

Trump's civil fraud trial in New York is criticized

Justice Arthur Engoron of Manhattan Supreme Court said firmly: “Don’t waste your time.” Questioning Bender throughout most of Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, Trump attorney Jesús Suárez vowed to continue until the end of the day. “This is ridiculous!” you say. Engoron muttered as he slammed his hand on the bench. “This is not a trial for Mr. Bender.” Christopher Kise, another Trump lawyer, said Bender “seems to remember only what the government wants him to remember.” Kise said: “We need to be able to classify the evidence since we did not present this case.” He has no memory as we sit here, according to Trump lawyer Alina Habba, who added: “We haven’t received a single response from him.” Before repeating: “Let’s not waste time,” the judge asked Kise if they could “speed up” the cross-examination.

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Engoron questioned Trump’s legal team twice more during testimony Wednesday, the third day of the trial in the case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, saying at one point that they were courting the media and carrying out his defense as if a jury were in attendance. It reportedly provoked an irritated response from Trump, 77, who raised his arms in the air as he sat at the defense table with his lawyer. “There is no jury here,” he would have shouted.

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