Julian Reese: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, High School, Mom, Birthday

Julian Reese: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, High School, Mom, Birthday, Sister, Stats, Parents, Net Worth, Weight, Angel Reese’s Brother, Injury, Maryland, Basketball, Salary, Team, Transfer, Ethnicity, Nationality , place of birth , education, career, profession and other details: Julian Reese is a very famous, successful, popular, distinguished and trending person. He is one of the most reputable athletes, basketball players and influencers on social networks. Above all, he is known as an athlete, because that is how he first gained popularity. Other than that, he is also a social media personality, a celebrity, a public figure, and an internet icon.

Lately, due to her sister Angel Reese, she is trending in the media to a great extent. By the minute, Julian is getting more and more publicity. Over the years, he has gained many fans and followers around the world. He has managed to capture the attention of some of the best brands and companies. Let’s keep reading to find out more about Julian Reese, his story, his career and everything you need to know.

Early life and background of Julian Reese

Julian Reese was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States on June 30, 2003, to an American couple. This makes him 20 years old. There is not much information about his early life or his childhood. He always tries to keep his personal life quite private and away from the eyes of the media. We also don’t know who his parents are, where they are now, or what they do for a living.

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Also, our team couldn’t find out much about Angel Reese, his brother, either. He did not grow up with his parents as a single child. What we do know, however, is that he was born into a modest, well-established upper-middle-class family. They followed Christianity as their religion and were also a very faithful home.

Julian Reese Education

We have already established, he was born into a good home. His parents were extremely supportive and encouraging and always pushed him to be the best version of himself. Furthermore, we also find out that he was just a little boy when he started to take a great interest in basketball. His teachers were always impressed when he participated in games and other sports as well. We have also found out that he was a good boy and used to get pretty good grades in all of his tests. He attended St. Frances Academy for his secondary education.

However, by the time he finished high school and graduated, he knew what he wanted to do. Julian knew that he wanted to give it his all in his basketball practices and make it his dream. So that’s what he did. There are no records of him going to any college or university to earn a degree.

Reese’s career

Julian Reese has followed in his sister’s footsteps with glory and grace. Reese has been playing basketball since he was a little boy. However, he has managed to capture a great deal of love and attention from people across the country. Julian Reese, now playing in his second year, has a bright future ahead of him and will make people fall in love with his hard work and skills.

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Angel Reese and Julian Reese Hookup

Angel Reese and Julian Reese are brother and sister. Reese is also an amazing basketball player who plays for LSU. However, she very recently decided to leave Maryland for personal reasons. But, her hard work will not go to waste. Angel is leaving behind countless people of hers who love and adore her for her unapologetic personality. She has always been true to herself and will continue to do so.

The bond between the Reese brothers is also dynamically strong and beautiful. They both support each other in everything. Coming from a home where their mother was a single parent and handled them with such love and care, the siblings surely know how to create sibling goals.

Julian Reese height and weight

Being an athlete is something in which a person has to be extremely careful with their health. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that Julián has maintained his body and figure to perfection. According to the reports we have studied, we found some data about his physical appearance. Reese is 206cm tall which means he is 6ft 9in and has an incredibly fit posture and appearance. He weighs between 85 and 90 kg.

Also, her eyes are completely black which complements her dark skin tone. Some of his fans even say that his smile is the absolute best thing about him because it is so pure and warm. Like many great players, Lepasa has kept his hair in a braid which further complements his small, innocent-looking face.

Julian Reese net worth

As we have already established, Julian Reese is a glorious and hardworking man who will leave his legacy behind him. The people he worked with and the positions and offices he acquired will forever be indebted to his contributions. In addition, it’s no secret that over the years he has earned not only a reputation, but also a huge amount of financial resources. After some estimation and approximation, we have guessed that his net worth is around a million dollars.

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Here is Julian Reese Full Wiki Biography, His Age, Height, High School, Mom, Birthday, Sister, Stats, Parents, Net Worth, Weight, Angel Reese’s Brother, Injury, Maryland, Basketball, Salary, Team, Transfer , ethnic origin , Nationality, Place of Birth, Education, Career, Profession.

Julian Reese Information Table

Name julian reese
Gender Male
Profession Basketball player
Height (approx) N/A
Approximate weight.) N/A
Measurements of the figure N/A
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Birthdate 2000
Age (as of 2022) 20 years
place of birth Baltimore, United States
Zodiac Sign/Sun Sign N/A
Nationality American
Place Baltimore, United States
School St. Frances Academy
Educational Qualification Graduation
Religion N/A
ethnicity Black
Breed Christian
ADDRESS Baltimore, United States
Hobbies/Interests Music, News, Fashion
Civil status
Affairs / Boyfriends / Girlfriends
Sexuality Right
Parents Present
Siblings angel reese
Net worth $1 million

Social media accounts –


Some lesser known facts –

  • He has more than 14K followers on Instagram.
  • Julian has 3K followers on his Twitter count.
  • She poses as a model in her part and free time.
  • His nickname is Juju.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reese

Who is Julian Reese?

He is a basketball player.

How old is he?

He has 20 years.

Is he married?


He has children?


Who is your sister?

Angel Reese.

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