‘Kidnapped By State’: Wrongfully Convicted UK Man Comes Out After 17 Years Behind Bars

In a significant turn of events, Andrew Malkinson, a British national, has been released from prison after spending 17 years behind bars for a rape he did not commit. 

The appeals court judges overturned his conviction on Wednesday when new DNA evidence surfaced, pointing to another potential suspect in the crime. 

Malkinson has finally been declared a free man, ending his wrongful imprisonment.

In 2004, Malkinson was imprisoned for the assault on a woman in Salford, a crime he consistently maintained he was innocent of committing.

In January, new evidence emerged, leading to his case being referred to the Court of Appeal, which indicated the involvement of another potential suspect.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr. Malkinson expressed that the past two decades felt like he had been through an eternity. He said, “kidnapped by the state.”

“I was innocent, and finally, they listened. But I have been innocent all along, for each of those 20 years that came before today,” said 57-year-old Mr Malkinson.

“It has taken nearly 20 years to persuade my kidnappers to let me go.”

Lord Justice Holroyd reversed Mr. Malkinson’s conviction and declared he could leave the court without further license conditions.

Furthermore, the police expressed regret for what they described as a “grave miscarriage of justice.”


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Speaking outside the court, Mr. Malkinson said, “When a jury finds you guilty when you are innocent, reality does not change. You know you did not commit the crime, but everyone around you starts living in a false fantasy universe and treats you as if you are guilty.”

He added, “Now that I have finally been exonerated, I am left outside this court without an apology, without an explanation, jobless, homeless, and expected to simply slip back into the world with no acknowledgment of the gaping black hole they opened up in my life.”

“A black hole that looms so large behind me that I fear it will swallow me up.”

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