Killer kiss! Chinese man ruptures eardrum and loses hearing after kissing his girlfriend for 10 minutes

An intense kiss had unexpected consequences for a Chinese man who suffered a ruptured eardrum and hearing loss after passionately kissing his girlfriend for 10 minutes.

While enjoying a date at West Lake in China’s Zhejiang province, the couple experienced the unfortunate incident.

On Chinese Valentine’s Day (August 22), while the couple were kissing at West Lake in China’s Zhejiang province, the man heard a strange bubbling sound and felt a sudden sharp pain in his ear.

Following the incident, he was rushed to a hospital, where medical professionals identified a perforated eardrum. The doctors estimated a recovery period of two months and gave him antibiotics.

According to medical experts, passionate kissing can cause a sudden change in air pressure inside the ear, especially when combined with a partner’s heavy breathing.

According to the report, this combination can create an imbalance and lead to a puncture.

After the incident, the man and his girlfriend rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors at the hospital discovered that his eardrum had been perforated. They informed him that it would take about two months for him to fully recover.


The doctors also prescribed antibiotics to aid in his recovery.

Medical experts explain that intense kissing can generate powerful suction forces that pull on the eardrum. Rapid changes in air pressure, coupled with vigorous breathing, have the potential to cause a puncture.

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This is not an isolated incident. In 2008, a young woman from Zhuhai, China, lost her hearing in her left ear after her boyfriend accidentally ruptured her eardrum during a fervent kiss.

A Reuters report, citing China Daily, revealed another case where a similar situation occurred in Guangdong province in July.

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