‘La Veneno’ child dies, this is known about the rumors that circulate on social networks

On social networks, the child known as ‘La Veneno’ is the protagonist of the rumor that claims that he died tragically. He discovers the truth of the case.

Rumors circulate on social networks about the alleged death of the Tiktoker boy known as ‘The Poison’who became famous on social networks for his attitude and his confidence despite his young age.

In recent weeks it has become a ‘trend’ to create false rumors about the deaths of celebrities and artists, this with the aim of gaining followers on social networks and achieving popularity.

This was the case of Adolfo Ángel, Marco Antonio Solís, Carín León and even Ricardo Montaner, who were victims of false rumors on TikTok, which claimed that they had died.

‘La Veneno’ child dies: Truth or lie?

The rumor about La Veneno’s death was made known through the TikTok account called ‘enamorado_30’, who published a video that became very popular.

The video reads the message: “Justice for La Veneno“, implying that it would be due to a crime in which the famous TikTok boy died. Although the recording accumulates thousands of views, in the comments many claim that it is a lie.

Beyond this video, no further details regarding the cause of death were revealed.

It should be noted that the young Mexican has remained active on social networks and his last publication was two days ago.

In comments, many warn the boy that a video is circulating where it is reported that he supposedly died, however the young man responded to the comments with laughing emojis, so he immediately denies the rumors.

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Comments on the latest video of La Veneno. Photo: TikTok

In addition to that, there are no official statements that support the information, for these reasons the death of La Veneno is ruled out.

Who is La Veneno?

David González, known on social networks as “La Veneno”, is a 14-year-old boy originally from San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco. In the world of social networks, David has become a figure that attracts attention and has generated various reactions among users.

“La Veneno” has gained notoriety on the networks due to its peculiar content and unique style. Her videos and quotes, which are often humorous and full of sarcasm, have captured the attention of many netizens. It’s not so much about making fun of him, but rather because of the special way in which he presents his content, which provokes laughter and the desire to share it among his followers.

Her nickname, “La Veneno”, comes from her effeminate demeanor and her ability to “spew venom” or criticize others with a diva-like attitude. This has contributed to her notoriety on social media and has led to debates and conversations about her online presence.

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