‘Lazy girl job’: Woman claims she earns bombshell salary to talk to no one and take unlimited breaks

A woman has gained viral attention on TikTok for claiming that she earns a substantial salary for doing nothing at her office job. With Dani’s name on the platform, she proudly shared with viewers that her “lazy girl office job” aligns perfectly with her natural inclination as she gets paid without the need to associate with anyone. .

“I get paid a rock-bottom salary for not talking to anyone, taking breaks when I want, and being an office badass.”

In addition to her self-congratulatory comments about her effortless work, Dani urged viewers to look into her “lazy” employment opportunities.

“Get yourself an office job, sis,” the influencer said in the video, which has now garnered more than 1.6 million views.

The comments section of the viral clip was flooded with users sharing their experiences working in similar desk jobs, with some even confirming their familiarity with such roles.

“My first job and honestly, it was the best. I loved being on my own entering invoices, organizing and so on.” he remembered an answering machine.

“This is me at my job. I really appreciate my job.” said another.

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Some people don’t have a positive experience with the “lazy girl office jobs” that others seem to enjoy.

Dani claims that she receives a high salary for not interacting with anyone at work and being able to take breaks whenever she wants.

One viewer confessed that he had a similar experience for years, but eventually felt like a robot and had to leave.

Another person admitted that they crave the lack of social interaction in their own lives.

Unfortunately, with an overwhelming workload, one office worker responded that his experience was quite the opposite.


Many comments asked for guidance on how to secure these easy office jobs that Dani promotes.

Other responses criticized office jobs, expressing a need for excitement in their work lives.

One user shared their preference for drama, mayhem, and violence, opting for a job in the ER, even though they sometimes long for office life.

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