LOOK: Cat in a blender video Twitter, man behind video arrested, sparks outrage online

Recently, an extremely disturbing video of a person putting a cat in a blender went viral on all social media platforms including Twitter and TikTok. After the video has made the rounds on the internet, many are now wondering who exactly is the person behind the disturbing video. What are your intentions for doing such a thing? Although nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems that there is good news about this after all. TikTok users affirm that the person responsible has been identified and arrested.

Cat in a blender video

Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video Cat in a blender video

Internet users have been responding to the film as it circulates online. Several netizens lamented the video. Many people expressed how traumatized they were to witness the cat being beaten in the blender. Many online users continued to spread the video to raise awareness of animal cruelty. Meanwhile, the widespread distribution of the clip seems to be doing more harm than good. Many people expressed their outrage over the video and their inability to understand why anyone would intentionally harm innocent animals. Many online users wanted the person responsible for the video to answer for their actions.

Twitter Reaction On Cat In A Blender Video

Cat Blender Video Twitter

The video was first posted to an account called @scarycontent18. Since the nature of the video is very graphic, we will not include any clips in this article as many users claim that it is very disturbing and violent. What happens is that the person behind the video proceeds to put a live kitten in a blender before turning it on. The video is only 10 seconds long. At the end of the clip, whoever is responsible for it shows a close-up of the kitten’s body. Currently, there is still no official report on the origin of the video. However, it seems that the Twitter account where the video was uploaded is not responsible for the macabre act. After being temporarily suspended from Twitter, @scarycontent18 has since returned. Now they are asking Twitter users to help them find the person behind the viral cat video.

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However, this is not the only video of the helpless kitty. Supposedly there is another video that shows the person filming without finishing with the poor cat. The other video shows them taking the kitchen out of the blender and into the microwave. Before this news broke, many netizens worked together to determine where the video originated. One of the tracks they focused on in the video was the blender. According to some eagle-eyed onlookers, the text written on the device was in Chinese. From this detail alone, viewers deduced that the person in the video is from China or somewhere in Asia. The video also went viral on TikTok, with many users warning others not to watch the traumatic clip. Even TikTok star Noah Carter picked up on the news and relayed it to his large following.

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