LOOK: The video of El Del Zarco leaked the mms scandal sparks outrage online

Today we are going to talk about a new leaked video that has gone viral on the Internet. This leaked video is trending everywhere right now. This filtered video is from the most famous influencer on social networks, El Zarco. This is a leaked MMS scandal video. Her fans are very shocked after seeing this video. It is very popular on the Internet. Currently, he is the most popular person on all social media platforms. This leaked video was his private video, which is now creating a lot of controversy. This is the most controversial topic at the moment. People only talk about this video. The famous influencer is now in big trouble. People are giving negative comments about him on social media. A lot of people are trolling him now.

Video Influencer El Del Zarco

We know that now netizens are very curious to know about him. Netizens want to know about his family and girlfriend. Netizens want to know about this video. People want to know what’s inside the video. What’s wrong with the video that has created so many controversies? We have collected a lot of information about him and we will provide you with every piece of information. We will also tell you the truth behind this leaked video. So, read the entire article to the end.

The Zarco

El Zarco is a popular influencer on social media. He has a strong fan base on Instagram. He has amassed more than 757,000 followers on his Instagram account. You can find him as @elzarcoohp on Instagram. He is from Colombia. he also has a huge following on Facebook and Tiktok. And he has also gained a lot of subscribers on his Youtube channel. He has over 368k subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is now in the spotlight for his controversial video.

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The Zarco

Over the past few days, it has gone viral on the internet. The Colombian influencer El Zarco is in the spotlight right now. The private video of him was leaked on the Internet. This video was first posted on Twitter and later went viral on all social media platforms. In the video, he is intimate with a girl on a bed. The girl was not his wife Jurley Corona. So far El Zarco has not given any statement regarding this leaked viral video. So this was all about this case. We will give you some updates on this case soon until then, stay tuned for PKB news.

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