A daredevil cyclist’s riding trick on the catwalk reminds people of Tom Cruise

Cycling serves as an exhilarating platform for stunts, captivating participants and spectators alike. With their inherent versatility and maneuverability, bicycles offer an ideal medium for people to show off their skills and push the limits of what can be accomplished on two wheels.

Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping jumps and freestyle flips, the technical finesse of test riding, or the creative artistry of Flatland BMX, the cycling disciplines provide a stage for gravity-defying feats. But what happens when an unqualified cyclist takes a bike over a pedestrian bridge?

A viral video shows exactly that, and reminds people of Tom Cruise’s death-defying stunt. Watch the viral video here.

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A man passes a bicycle down a catwalk in a viral video

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A man was observed climbing onto the roof of a pedestrian bridge while his trusty bicycle assisted him, defying gravity and basic sense. In the shocking video, stunned passers-by can be seen on the road as the man gently descends from the roof with his bike in tow.

A stark warning is attached to the images that were posted on Instagram: “Ye upar gaya kaise cycle le (How did you get on the roof with your bike?)? Note: Never try this anywhere.

Although the video surely provides an adrenaline rush and a thrilling display of recklessness, it is imperative to keep safety in mind before engaging in such feats.

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The unidentified man demonstrated excellent balance as he descended from the height of the roof of the pedestrian bridge, ensuring that both he and the bicycle were safe. His deliberate actions and premeditated steps captivated the onlookers, who had their eyes fixed on the unfolding spectacle.

However, it is unclear if or how he manages to cross the pedestrian bridge. Social media users are baffled and amazed by the video, wanting to know why anyone would undertake such a dangerous endeavor.

The man reminded people of Tom Cruise.

Social media platforms often serve as a breeding ground for such amazing videos, as people show off their sense of adventure and challenge social norms.

But it is crucial to proceed with caution and put your safety first. Many people who have seen the video have also questioned how the man was able to get on the roof of a pedestrian bridge in the first place.

Others downplayed the fact that he had taken the well-known computer game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) so seriously.

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“Mujhe laga Tom Cruise ki tarah chala ke layega,” a man commented on the video.

“khudi ko kar ke buland chadha wo jaise taise …………khuda ne bande se khud puchha ……………..”abe ab utarega kaise, “added another.

“Crossing be like: Maa meri shaktiyo ka galat istemaal kiya jaa rha hai,” added another.

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Another man commented, “Ye indian tech bharat se bhar nahi jani chahiye.”

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