LOOK: Viral video of Kirit Somaiya Leaked MMS scandal sparks outrage online

In a sensational development, a video purporting to feature Kirit Somaiya, a senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader in a compromising position, surfaced online, sending shock waves across the political landscape. The appearance of this private video, which involves Kirit Somaiya, a prominent figure, has sparked extensive discussion and ignited intense speculation. ‘Lokshahi’, a Marathi news channel has claimed possession of the video footage, although they have taken precautions to protect the identity and blur the explicit content of the woman involved.

Kirit Somaiya Leaked Video MMS Scandal

During a live broadcast, Lokshahi’s editor, Kamlesh Sutar, expressed his intention not to invade anyone’s privacy, but to seek clarification from Somaiya related to the authenticity of the video and any related complaints. Furthermore, Sutar revealed that several clips, similar to the one involving Somaiya, with various people have also caught their attention.

Although the broadcast of such content, the channel emphasized, can be seen as an intrusion into privacy, the importance of Somaiya’s position within a major political party required addressing any potential wrongdoing and surveillance. Faced with the compromising situation involving a figure like Somaiya, the channel was astonished, who frequently accuses opposition leaders of misconduct and corruption, raising the possibility of a conspiracy.

kirit somaiya mms scandal

Vidya Chavan, leader of the Sharad Pawar faction, said that Kirit Somaiya has no moral right to insult others when he himself has indulged in obscene things. Involving Kirit Somaiya, he was personally disappointed by the video. His offensive gestures and his aggressive behavior are worrying. Chavan said: “If such misconduct is true, I believe appropriate action should be taken, as a prominent figure known for exposing corruption.” Kirit Somaiya wrote a letter to Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who has responsibility for the Home Ministry, urging a thorough investigation into the controversial video broadcast by Lokshahi, shortly after the video went viral.

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He claims that on the opening day of the assembly session, the publication of the video was politically motivated with the intention of tarnishing his reputation. A senior journalist and editor for the Lokshahi channel, Kamlesh Sutar, who first broadcast the controversial video, told the Free Press Journal that he and his team faced an ethical dilemma regarding the decision to broadcast such a private conversation on the on live Tv. Sutar reiterated several times that neither he nor his channel intended to engage in voyeurism during the conversation. His main goal was to shed light on the truth and expose the facts behind the incident.

Videos are the easiest way to ruin the reputation of a respected personality. And in recent years, many such videos are leaking online directly or indirectly affecting the personal and professional lives of famous personalities. However, some of the videos are found to be fake, but the sad part is that most of them show the cruel reality of some people. One such video of BJP leader Kirit Somaiya went viral on social media and affected his political career. He now he wrote a letter to the Home Minister of Maharashtra to take serious action against the person responsible for this crime.

This news is all over the media which is making it more viral and people are quite interested to know what kind of content is being shown in the video that created such a stir in the life of the BJP leader. There is no doubt in saying that this video has given the opposition the opportunity to attack both the leader and the political party. Those who want to know the details of this viral video in detail should read this blog till the end.

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What is the problem and why is the BJP leader furious?

Well, the video shows that the leader is in a “compromising position,” and this video has been around on social media ever since. Everyone just talks about it, which directly puts the leader in a difficult position and has left him no choice but to make the wise decision and bring the matter to the attention of the Home Secretary. The BJP leader reportedly wrote to Maharashtra Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis to investigate and verify the authenticity of the viral video.

As we said, the viral video allegedly showed the former MP in an inappropriate position and people are quite outraged after seeing it. This video first appeared on a Marathi news channel on Monday night and then went viral on other networks as well. The BJP leader himself addressed the issue through his Twitter account. He made a tweet on Tuesday in which he claims that “a video clip of me was broadcast on TV on a news channel. He claimed that I am responsible for harassing several women and several such videos were set up and received complaints against me. I have never tortured and abused any woman. Please ask @Dev_Fadnavis to investigate such allegations and verify the authenticity of the videos.”

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