LOOK: Viral video of Kuaron Harvey, girl shoots herself after shooting her cousin

Today, we are going to share a very tragic incident. The tragic case involving Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey required people around the world to be ready to learn every detail. Let’s investigate it. On March 25, 2022, Paris and Kuaron stood trial. This matter has resurfaced as a hot topic after a year. People are still in shock from the horrible act. Twitter users also posted the video there. Two children, Paris and Kuaron, were involved in the incident. Paris, a 12-year-old girl, is given a gun when she attends Kuaron’s 14-year-old cousin’s birthday party. This is where the story of misery begins.

Viral video of Kuaron Harvey

The girl who accidentally shot her 14-year-old brother is the talk of Twitter. Users of the social networking site are looking for images of the event as the investigation progresses. On Twitter and Instagram, Kuaron Harvey’s video went viral. People on the internet have gotten into a discussion after learning of Kuaron Harvey’s passing and obituary. Ordinary people were terrified after a teenage girl was shot. One of the two victims of an accidental apartment shooting was Kuaron Harvey. A 14-year-old girl named Harvey gained popularity on social media for her uninhibited and impulsive behavior. Two young boys, allegedly related, were reportedly playing with a gun when one accidentally shot her cousin before turning the gun on himself out of regret.

kuaron harvey

The two cousins ​​recorded the whole thing online while living on social media, making the incident look like something out of a Hollywood drama, but it actually happened in real life. Before shooting herself on Live, 12-year-old Paris Harvey is accused of shooting and killing her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14. Security officials gave a public briefing after which they identified the shooter as a Missouri resident named Paris Harvey. They were both in college.

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Cousin Kuaron Harvey

Paris Harvey, 12, accidentally shot Kuaron Harvey, 14, while they were playing with a gun while going live on social media. Paris committed suicide after the disaster. While he stressed that they had no ill will towards the shooter, his close relative expressed shock and agony at the untimely loss of him and stressed that the incident was too tragic and unfair. Paris Harvey’s mother, Shinise Harvey, revealed to media personnel that she had allowed her daughter to attend a family party at the Kuaron home. This is a very sad time for her family. They are depressed right now. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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