LOOK: Viral video of SDM Jyoti Maurya, leaked on social media, sparks outrage

Currently, the focus for the people of India is the legal battle of Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya and Alok Kumar Maurya. Recently, the UP official was suspended from her post amid corruption charges and fraud allegations. Jyoti Maurya is a provincial officer in Bareilly, UP. Ever since this case caught the attention of people on the internet, it has been making headlines and causing a stir on social media. Due to the prominence of the Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya case, 12 women preparing for civil service have been called up by their husbands. An old video of Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya has also surfaced on the internet, which is taking over the internet and leaving people angry because of the comments from him. He is asked to keep this page and know what he says in the old video of him that was leaked on the internet.

Sdm jyoti maurya cheating on her husband

Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya Viral Video

Bareilly SDM Jyoti Maurya can be heard yelling at her husband Alok Kumar Maurya: “Your parents are street sweepers, they are good for nothing. Mine is a Zamindar family” The government official is using obscene language and abusing her husband for her parents who work as street sweepers. However, her husband remains calm. Alok Kumar Maurya has posted several videos. Alok Kumar Maurya’s story is gaining people’s sympathy and netizens have started comparing his life story with that of Amitabh Bachchan’s Sooryavanshi’s Heera Thakur. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Reports state that Alok, who is a Prayagraj resident, worked in the Panchayat Raj department. He married Jyoti (now SDM in Bareilly) in 2010. Against her parents, Alok decided to help his wife pursue her dream. Alok even took a student loan from his wife to study at a training center. Finally, Jyoti Maurya was ranked 16th in the Public Service Commission and ranked 3rd among women and became SDM. Knowing that Jyoti became SDM, the family was overjoyed. Alok and Jyoti also welcomed twin daughters in 2015. Everything was going well until 2020 when Alok suspected that his wife was having an affair with an officer. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Joyti, who has given birth to her twin daughters, still started to change after her success. Her husband alleged that she started an illicit relationship with the District National Guard Commander in Ghaziabad in 2020. They allegedly started meeting and talking very frequently, but Alok kept ignoring them due to her very profession.

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