Lori Poland abuse: Where is Lori Poland’s kidnapper, Robert Paul Thiret?

Lori Poland was abused by Robert Paul. He was jailed for six years after the incident. He was released in 1990. It has been 23 years since he was released. People are curious to know about him. Where is Robert Paul now? You will get complete information about him in this article. Keep reading for more details.

How did the incident with Lori Poland happen?

The incident took place 40 years ago. Two bird watchers were walking near Denver when they heard a girl, Lori Poland, scream. After reaching the place where her voice came from, she was found in the Toilet Pit. She was sexually abused and thrown down the toilet pit. People were shocked after the incident. The case was closed after a little effort. After four years, the news was back in vogue. Lori Polonia was kidnapped when she was playing in her garden. She was living in Sheridan Colorado in August 1983. She was thrown into a 15 foot deep sewer after being sexually assaulted.

Lory Poland

He survived in the toilet pit for three years at the age of three. She did not give up at such a young age. Bird watchers found it. They rescued her from her. She was hospitalized. Pediatrician Dick Krugman develops a good relationship with her. He helped her get over the situation. Lori was inspired by Dick. He decided to become a therapist. She worked hard for it.

Lori Poland works as a therapist:

Lori Poland is a therapist. She works at Denver Counseling Options. She is married and gave birth to three children. She is living happily ever after. She studied hard and is also an advocate and author. Dick Krugman and Lori Polonia founded a foundation The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (End CAN).

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Lori Poland

What is the organization about?

The organization helps all children like Lori Poland who suffered these bad situations. It helps them to overcome the situation. She has written the book ‘I live here’. She has shared memories of her childhood and traumatic experiences of hers. She also mentions the ways to get over it. She says that she is always open to sharing her story. Her fears and experiences will help many Loris to overcome these situations in their lives.

The hijacker was released after six years from the Jefferson County Jail. We keep bringing such updates for you. Stay tuned for more details on your favorite celebrities and the latest updates.

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