Rosanna Roces Scandal and sexual relations rumors explained

We all know that rumors and controversy are a big part of celebrity life. In fact, many celebrities spread fake news and rumors in public to get people’s attention. The simple reason is being in the spotlight for whatever reason, good or bad, as it helps them to be the talk of the town, which is necessary so that they don’t become invisible in the entertainment industry. However, sometimes some rumors have changed their lives, which leaves a serious impact on their character and career.

Rosanna Roces scandal explained

One such rumor about Rosanna Roces is in the news and it is related to her sexual adventure. The Rosanna Roces scandal is gaining a lot of prominence and in the midst of it a new controversy has been unleashed that ensures that she had an affair with a notorious boss convicted of drug trafficking. The Filipina actress is actually garnering a lot of attention just because of the scandal of her and rumors of her. Rosanna, also known as Jennifer Adriano-Molina, was quite popular in the 1990s. At the beginning of her career, she started her show business and became popular for playing provocative and bold roles in TV shows and movies.

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He has even made his appearance in many hit movies including, “Makati Avenue Adventure”, “Burlesk Queen Ngayon” and “Sugatang Puso”. Apart from acting, she is also good at dancing and singing. She released her own music album titled “Hot Babe” in the year 1995 and had numerous music videos. Other than that, she also started hosting TV shows like “Wowowee”, “MTB” and “Masayang Tanghali Bayan”. Although her love life was also the center of attraction for many people who are still looking for her.

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Rosanna Roces S*x Affair Rumors

According to speculation, Rosanna Roces reportedly had a sexual affair. But she claimed that she was in a romantic relationship with the drug lord who was convicted of selling illegal drugs and even agreed to sell sex workers to inmates. These prisoners were captured at the New Bilibid prison. Apart from that, the Filipina actress denied Nonile Arile’s claims that she was Vicente Sy’s lover in a social media post created by her real name Jennifer Cruz Adriano. Reports indicate that Vicente Sy was one of 4 major detainees injured in a stabbing incident that occurred at New Bilibid Prison.

rosanna rubs

Her personal life was always the subject of discussion and her married life too. She has been married 2 times. In 1996, the actress was related to Tito Molina, a businessman. But in 2002, her marriage was declared null and void. After that, she remarried in 2003 with Carlos Morales. They both became parents to a boy named Onyok. However, again in 2008, their marriage fell apart.

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