Lost and found in Delhi: Taxi driver returns missing phone to a passenger at his hotel

A taxi driver in Delhi has earned the admiration of many after going to great lengths to return a lost cell phone to its rightful owner in a beautiful act for a good cause. The recent event demonstrates the compassion and honesty that can still be found among people in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

The moving story of Hiralal’s (the driver’s) altruistic endeavor serves as a reminder that simple acts of kindness can have a huge impact on both individuals and communities. In a city like Delhi, to see a shining example of kindness and honesty restoring trust in humanity is wonderful.

Hiralal’s action of returning the lost cell phone definitely won the hearts of many, leaving an inspiring and positive impact on the collective consciousness of the residents of Delhi and beyond. She demonstrates the power of kindness and the potential of a single act of kindness to set off a chain reaction of positivity.

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A story of trust and kindness: The driver from Delhi goes to the passenger’s hotel only to return the lost phone

We booked Meru Cabs at the Delhi airport yesterday late afternoon. My colleague Vivek lost his phone in the taxi, we didn’t have the driver’s number, we thought we’ll never get the phone back and hope was lost, but to our surprise, Hiralal Mondal, the driver came to the hotel… pic.twitter.com/Z4ylNkWexc

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— Shajan Samuel (@IamShajanSamuel) July 18, 2023

Shajan Samuel, an ultra-marathon runner and fitness instructor, shared the moving story on Twitter, filling the driver, named Hiralal Mondal, with admiration.

Samuel described how his friend left his phone in a taxi from the Delhi airport. The taxi driver, to his astonishment, arrived at the hotel where they were staying to return their phone. He further said that the driver informed him that he had done this before when a foreigner lost his wallet.

”We booked Meru Cabs at Delhi airport last night. My colleague Vivek lost his phone in the taxi; we didn’t have the driver’s number so we assumed we would never get the phone back but to our amazement Hiralal Mondal the driver came to the hotel with the phone.

@MeruCabs. Employees like Hiralal are a valuable asset to your organization. Hiralal has done this before, when a foreigner lost his wallet, he returned it too. Humanity runs through his veins. Please take care of him,” Samuel wrote, along with a photo showing the taxi driver returning the phone.

How a Delhi taxi driver returned a manTwitter/@IamShajanSamuel

“We need more such Hiralals in this country” – the wishes of the Internet

It has been a few days since the post was shared on social media and it has been in a lot of news. The post garnered over 223,500 views, 367 retweets, 20 quotes, 2,872 likes, and 9 bookmarks, and the numbers only add up.

Many people on Twitter were impressed by his candor and wondered if the user had thanked him for his generous act. Others also asked their firm to compensate the driver.

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“It’s nice to see so much honesty in this day and age,” one person commented. It is important to recognize and appreciate positive actions.”

“Appreciation is nice, but also rewarding him with real money,” said another. ”Good Samaritans hold the world together,” added a third. unknown faces unnoticed… Regardless of what the world has become today, everyone must continue to do their part. Comforting.’

I should give you at least 2000

— Anjali Live Trading (@anjaliramancap) July 18, 2023

These are gems in today’s world! I wish him well

— 👁️⃤ M (@athale) July 18, 2023

Appreciation is good, but it also rewards you with real money,

-athar (@athar1313) July 18, 2023

What an amazing guy… 👏🏽

— dilip cherian (@DILIPtheCHERIAN) July 19, 2023

Hiralal is real हीरा, he has proven it to himself. It’s time to @MeruCabs to polish it. I really appreciate his honesty and wish him great success.

—Dhanvantri Dwivedi (@dhanv) July 18, 2023

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