Madison Brooks Reddit Video Evidence Leaving Car, Bar, Cell Phone

We share the news of another viral video that is trending on social networks. Most of you have already seen this video but you don’t know the whole thing and that is why you are here to find out. The person who is going viral with this video is Madison Brooks and people are looking for this person. Videos have the ability to turn an ordinary person into a sensation overnight, but that doesn’t mean that person becomes popular because of positive things, sometimes negative things get more attention compared to positive ones. .

Video evidence from Madison Brooks Reddit

Let’s find out what’s in this viral video of Madison Brooks and why it’s trending. Madison Brooks is reportedly a college student from Louisiana and is in the news after video of her was posted on Twitter. In the viral video, she is seen leaving a bar and getting into a car with 2 men. However, those who have seen the video affirm that something bad has happened to him and people talk about sexual assault and blaming the suffering. This video is the CCTV footage of the exterior of the bar located in Baton Rouge which is located in Louisiana.

The viral video shows Madison Brooks, who appears drunk and staggers. She was intoxicated and walks towards her car. Suddenly, 2 men came there and put her in the back seat. In the video, Brooks can be heard saying, “Sorry, I’ll book an Uber” before getting into the vehicle. Now, this has sparked outrage on social networks and there is talk of the physical and sexual harassment she suffered. What exactly happened is not known at this time as the car sped away.

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Video evidence from Madison Brooks Reddit

Although later, Madison filed a complaint against the men and claimed that she is a victim of rape and that both men assaulted her in the car. The police presented the case and understanding the seriousness of it, they arrested the two men who are currently facing the charges of r@pe. In addition to the CCTV footage, the police have also recovered one more video that is recorded on the phone. The second video of this case also went viral, seeing Madison on her cell phone. This video has recorded the moment after the alleged assault in which the victim can be heard talking to someone about what happened, stating that she “passed out” and because of that 2 men assaulted and raped her. The police are still investigating the matter and trying to recover more evidence of it.

Video evidence from Madison Brooks Reddit

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