Lewis Capaldi Tourette Video Heartwarming Moment Fans Take Stage

One more video has been posted on social media that is drawing a lot of attention. Now, this time, the video captures a vocalist from the band and people want to learn about him. Other than that, 2 famous names are going viral on social media and their fans are excited and eager to learn about them. If you are actively using social media platforms, you are sure to read 2 names online. One is Peter Capaldi, and Lewis Capaldi are 2 famous personalities in the entertainment industry who are popular for their captivating performance and talent. Both artists recently made headlines for their engagement in separate videos that have garnered a lot of attention.

Video of Lewis Capaldi’s Tourette

Now that this is in the news, it’s obvious for us to talk about it and we’ll find out all the details. Lewis Capaldi is a popular Scottish singer-songwriter who gained a following with his brilliant singing and talent. His fans love to listen to his song and they always show interest in his new music album. His powerful voice and soulful ballads from him. In the month of September, he posted a video on his social media account that went viral on social media.

The video shows Capaldi playing a snippet from his popular song titled “Someone You Loved,” experiencing tics related to Tourette syndrome. People appreciate him for raising awareness about Tourette syndrome disease and lessening the stigma surrounding the condition. Now most of you are surely thinking about this disease and want to know about it. Tourette syndrome is basically a neurological disorder that causes involuntary vocalizations and movements known as tics. Although it affects approximately 1% of the population, it is often misunderstood. Read more: Who is Lewis Capaldi’s ex-girlfriend on Love Island, Ellie Macdowell?

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Lewis Capaldi's ex-girlfriend on Love Island, Ellie Macdowell

Capaldi’s video has helped shed light on the condition and begins important conversations about disability representation in the film industry. On the other hand, Peter Capaldi is a famous Scottish actor popularly known for his role as the 12th Doctor in the British science fiction series titled “Doctor Who”. In the month of August, Peter starred in a music video for the band known as “The Sea Atlas” and this video is directed by Cecily Capaldi, who is his own daughter. This music video went viral and people really enjoy watching it. The viral video shows Capaldi playing the role of the grandfather who loved spending time with his little granddaughter and the role of his grandson is played by his actual granddaughter. People are getting really excited after watching this video and showing their love for it.

Lewis Capaldi's ex-girlfriend on Love Island, Ellie Macdowell

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