Man Captures Alleged Mermaids AKA Sirens While Working At Sea, Video Has The Internet Scratching Its Heads

The Internet has always had a strange interest in all things mystical and supernatural. From Loch Ness monsters to big feet, images of these creatures often end up online as witnesses try to prove their bizarre stories of encountering such monstrosities.

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Man at sea allegedly captures mermaids, aka mermaids, on camera

Man captures mermaids in the sea on camerainstagram

A new addition to the pile of alleged evidence is a video taken by Ryun Coleman, a musician who was out at sea when, in the dead of night, he stepped out of his boat and captured something that remained on either side of his boat.

In the clip, it appears as if two creatures are following the boat, almost surrounding it, as these slithering creatures swim on either side of the boat. The two creatures, which the man claims were mermaids or mermaids, depending on which myth you believe, allegedly followed his boat and then, he claimed, even called to him in their high-pitched but resonant voice.

On camera, the trail looked like how a long fish would leave a trail of water, much like what an eel would look like if it ran in the water. As for the calls the man heard, the voices were clearly captured on his phone’s camera. They were strong echoes that seemed to be the screams of a mystical creature. While some would argue that they sounded like whale songs, these squeals were far more shrill and much more song-like than a simple whale vocalization.

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The video was shared on Instagram with the caption: “Fisherman says he encountered mermaids/mermaids πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ πŸ‘€ Could it be… or is it just nocturnal dolphins 🐬 β“πŸ’­ Though it sounds like a whale cry… lets your thoughts πŸ‘‡πŸ½ “

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Many on the Internet believed in the video

People on the internet were completely captivated by the video. One user mentioned: “If mermaids aren’t real, why are there so many mentions of them in different cultures?” While one wrote: β€œI definitely think there are things in the water that we know nothing about. I also feel that if they don’t bother us, we shouldn’t bother them.”

Man captures mermaids in the sea on camerainstagram

One user thought the water stingrays were simply part of the boat’s equipment: “Those are called stability ‘birds’, they trail in the water on either side to add stability to the boat in rough seas.” One user shared their own theories: “I don’t think that’s real in the video. But mermaids really do exist, and if they didn’t, why would they have a name? Just because we haven’t seen them doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean we don’t.” exist. More than 80% of the ocean is unexplored.”

Man captures mermaids in the sea on camerainstagram

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