Many people failed, but can you solve this new math puzzle?

Math puzzles on social media are not only mentally stimulating but also interesting and engaging. Many people feel a sense of accomplishment after solving these brain challenges.

Do you like solving mathematical puzzles? Do you think you are smart enough to solve this puzzle that has baffled a Reddit user?

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People can’t solve this math puzzle, can you?

A math puzzle but I don’t see the pattern byu/seatbe1t inaskmath

Reddit member @seatbe1t posted a puzzle with a one-line title. “A mathematical puzzle, but I don’t see the pattern,” the caption reads. The problem features a grid with several numbers written in each row and column on a black background.

One of them, however, has a “?” instead of a number. The difficulty is figuring out which digit or digits will replace the question mark.

The post was published about a month ago. The stock has garnered approximately 2,700 upvotes since then. People have left numerous comments on the post. While some tried to guess the answer, others claimed that the riddle had left them perplexed. Some also tried to explain the logic of the puzzle.

This is how people tried to solve it.

“53… I’m so proud of myself,” said one Reddit member. “If I’m not mistaken, the first digit is the sum of the two numbers, the second is the difference,” another suggested. “The first digit in the middle is the sum of the two that surround it.”

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Comment byu/seatbe1t from the enaskmath discussionComment byu/seatbe1t from the enaskmath discussion

“The second digit is the first minus the second,” a third person stated. “I’m giving up,” said a fourth. “53. If you multiply some of the numbers, you will get 53.” “Or if you just read all the comments and pick the first thing that makes sense,” added a fifth. How long did it take you to solve this math problem?

Comment byu/seatbe1t from the enaskmath discussion

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