Mar-a-Lago IT Director Settles With Jack Smith, Avoids Charges Related to Classified Trump Documents Case

Mar-a-Lago’s chief information technology officer has agreed to cooperate with special counsel Jack Smith on a deal that will allow him to avoid criminal charges in the federal case involving former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents, according to a new court file. sample.

The witness, described in a Justice Department court filing dated Tuesday as “Trump Employee 4” and identified by several media outlets as Yuscil Taveras, had previously recanted “false testimony” in the classified documents case, after of changing lawyers and finding out that he had left. himself exposed to possible charges of perjury.

The special counsel’s office “immediately offered Trump Employee 4 a non-prosecution agreement” after he switched attorneys, his former defense attorney Stanley Woodward wrote in the court filing.

“Represented by [First Assistant Federal Public Defender], [Trump Employee 4] He then entered into a cooperative agreement with the government and testified before the grand jury in the Southern District of Florida on July 20, 2023,” the record states.

Yuscil Taveras is the IT director of Mar-a-Lago. facebook/yuscil
Yuscil TaverasTaveras had previously recanted his earlier “false testimony” in the Trump classified documents case.Facebook/yuscil

Taveras provided Smith’s team with incriminating information that led to a superseding indictment in July against the 77-year-old former president related to his alleged efforts to delete surveillance camera footage taken at Trump’s club and residence in Palm Beach, Florida, the officials said. prosecutors.

Trump was charged with altering, destroying, mutilating or concealing an object and altering, destroying, mutilating or corruptly concealing a document, record or other object in connection with his alleged order to delete the surveillance server.

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He was also charged for his alleged withholding of an Iranian attack plan document.

donald trumpTrump was indicted on new charges after Taveras provided new testimony in the Jack Smith case.GC Images
Boxes at Mar-a-LagoTaveras’ former lawyer argues that he should not be allowed to testify at Trump’s trial. US DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA FANDOUT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Taveras changed after prosecutors raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest between him and Trump co-defendant Walt Nauta, who were represented by Woodward before the IT director closed his cooperative deal with Smith.

Woodward charges that Smith’s office sought to “undermine attorney-client relationships” and maintains that “the Court should prevent Trump Employee 4 from testifying at trial on this matter.”

Nauta and Mar-a-Lago property manager Carlos De Oliveira were also indicted on new charges in the July superseding indictment based on Taveras’ testimony.

The former president has vehemently denied any wrongdoing in the case and has pleaded not guilty to all charges, as have De Oliveira and Nauta.

A trial has been set for May 20, 2024 in a Miami court.

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