Mariana Seoane and Luis Miguel, ‘We were friends with benefits’, confession of their love affair with the ‘Sol de México’

Mariana Seoane and Luis Miguel, a passing love at the time, the spicy statements on Yordi Rosado’s podcast that are giving people something to talk about.

Mariana Seoane and Luis Miguel, in the last few hours the actress’s statements have made waves on social networks when she confessed that she had a relationship with the singer in her youth.

Yordi Rosado’s podcast was in charge of talking about the actress’s personal life, romantic and professional relationships.

But, what has caught the attention and shocked several of those who listened to the podcast is the statement of “We were friends with benefits,” when Mariana Seoane talks about Luis Miguel.

Mariana Soeane is a renowned Mexican actress, who stands out on the screen in soap operas such as “El Chema”, “Por ella soy Eva” and her recent debut in “Tierra de Esperanza”.

The actress met Luis Miguel in Madrid and it all started when she went to his table to ask for a photo, then with her group of friends the party continued in the singer’s suite.

In addition, Mariana Seoane mentioned that they both met in fragile moments, she was coming from the breakup with Adolfo Ángel, vocalist of the Temerarios, and Luis Miguel with Mariah Carey.

Likewise, he confessed that he takes to the grave many things that he spoke about at the time with Luis Miguel, because he has immense affection for everything he shared and experienced.

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Mariana Seoane and alcohol

On the other hand, the actress, laughing, has viralized an audio where she admits and says “I’m a drunk, I love alcohol,” mentioning that her family is a wine producer.

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Therefore, his palate grew up trying the best wine blends, but at the time he stopped drinking it because he was under medication.

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