Matthew Davis Death Case: Angel Gomez, 12, Arrested and Charged with Murder

How can someone easily kill a person? This type of thought surely comes to mind every time you hear news of a murder. However, the reason for taking someone’s life may be different, but it is a sin in all nature. And that is why the punishment for this crime is quite severe, but still, these cases are not taking the name to stop. This time too, we all came here to talk about the murder of Matthew Davis, whose identification as the murderer was recently revealed. People are pretty angry about this murder and want to know why the killer killed him. Everyone will be shocked after hearing that the killer is only 12 years old and is currently facing murder charges in connection with the murder of a Sonic restaurant team member.

Matthew Davis death case

According to authorities, the 12-year-old boy accused of the murder is a citizen of Texas. This incident occurred last weekend and the police have been searching for the suspect ever since. Angel Gomez, 20, was reportedly warned by Matthew Davis, 32, for being unruly in the parking lot of a Keene, Texas restaurant at 09:40 p.m. last Saturday. After a physical struggle, the teenage suspect allegedly shot Davis multiple times from the back seat of Gomez’s vehicle, the Keene Police Department shared. However, the identification of the suspected minor has not been shared by the police due to the court order.

matthew davis

As soon as the victim was hit with a weapon, she was instantly admitted to the hospital, but unfortunately she did not survive and lost her life. According to homicide officers, officers rushed to the 300 block of South Old Betsy Road at around 9:40 a.m. and found the victim’s body lying in the parking lot. According to police, Angel Gomez, 20, of Fort Worth, was getting messy in the parking lot when Davis “confronted” him, and the “argument soon turned physical.” According to investigators, the teenager who was with Gomez walked to the truck, drew his gun and shot Davis multiple times.

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matthew davis

A 20-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy are reportedly currently in police custody after the shooting and murder of the Sonic worker in Keene was reported. An eyewitness shared the details of the entire horrific scene, stating: “How could a 12-year-old boy kill someone in such a brutal way? The most shocking thing is how he can have access to the gun at this age. It breaks my heart and I’m still in shock.”

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