Max Butler: Wiki, Biography, Age, Prison, Piracy, Iceman, Crimes

Max Butler: Wiki, Biography, Age, Prison, Hacking, Iceman, Crimes, Birthday, Birthplace, Education, Parents, Wife, Children: Max Bulter is a famous hacker who hacked American federal government websites and had an audacious plan to rule the black market using stolen credit cards. He has suffered 13 years in prison for his crimes, which is the longest anyone has been in prison for computer hacking. He reads on to know more about his life and other personal details about him.

Max Butler Birthday, Age, Zodiac, Name

Max Butler was born on July 10, 1972. He is currently 50 years old and has been incarcerated for a long time. Born on July 10, Max’s zodiac or sun sign is Cancer. Later, Max Butler changed his name to Max Vision.

Max Butler Parents, Siblings, Birthplace

Butler was born and raised primarily in Meridian, Idaho. He had a difficult childhood, since his parents divorced when he was barely a teenager, at the age of 14. Although the name of his parents is unknown, his background is known. His father was a Vietnam War veteran and also owned a computer store. His mother was the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants. After his divorce, he moved with his father to Seattle. Since Max’s father owned a computer store, Max may have had good access to computers and as such developed an interest in computer hacking and also became interested in bulletin board systems as a teenager. . He also had a brother but his name is unknown.

Max Butler Education, School

Max Butler was initially a student at Meridian High School, however, he transferred to another school due to some serious crimes he committed at this school. He attended Bishop Kelly High School. He then began his higher education at Boise State University, but had to drop out after a year due to critical charges against him just in his freshman year.

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Maximum Butler Career

He began his career as part-time technical support in various companies. Max discovered Internet Relay Chat and also regularly downloaded Malware Warez from the Internet. He worked at CompuServe, a company based in Bellevue, Washington. An Internet service provider in Littleton, Colorado, traced Butler’s warez uploads to an unprotected file transfer protocol server. He also discovered that the uploads were consuming excessive bandwidth at CompuServe’s corporate offices. Shortly after, CompuServe fired him.

After that, he changed his last name to Vision and moved to California, where he began living in a rented mansion along with other computer enthusiasts. Thanks to his skills, he became a systems administrator at the computer games startup MPath Interactive, but had to leave when the software publishers association brought charges against him.

After getting married, he began working as a freelance pentester and security consultant. During this time, she developed an arachNIDS online resource. He has been involved in various white hat hacking and technical consulting jobs his entire life, but tried hacking every chance he got.

Max Butler Offenses

Since his childhood, he seemed quite disturbed and criminally minded. He initially started with small offices but over time he developed. He had the ability to steal. While at Meridian High, he was accused of stealing chemicals from the chemistry lab, which he accomplished by first degree robbery. He was sent to probation, but since he was a minor he was not imprisoned. During his first year in college, he was accused of assault. However, he lost the case and was convicted, although he was released before serving his sentence on condition of good behavior.

His hunger to steal more items and especially data made him face many more problems. He was caught uploading malware to the company’s office portals and was fired from CompuServe. Shortly thereafter, the Software Publishers Association filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Butler for engaging in unauthorized software distribution from the CompuServe office, which the case later settled for $3,500 and free computer consulting.

Max Butler FBI investigation, charges and sentencing

While trying to patch a security hole in the BIND server daemon, Max Butler installed a backdoor into US federal government websites. However, his little game wasn’t hidden for long, as a United States Air Force investigator found Butler through pop-up notifications. Even though he hired attorney Jennifer Granick, not even he could save him. Inevitably, he served an 18-month federal prison sentence handed down by a U.S. district judge.

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Max was released in 2003 and was under supervision when he used Wi-Fi technology to anonymously commit cyberattacks along with another computer enthusiast, Chris Aragon. He was very good at what he did. He soon began programming malware, such as allowing the Bifrost Trojan to evade virus scanning programs and exploit Internet Explorer’s HTML application feature. He did it to steal credit card information.

He had a master plan to dominate the black money market with his hacking skills. Max used to steal numerous American Express credit card numbers and use his hacking skills to attack Citibank by using a malware Trojan horse. He would then distribute PIN to his partner Aragón. Aragon had a group of people working for him who would then withdraw small amounts of money from time to time from each of the hacked accounts until the accounts were empty. Altogether, nearly 2 million credit cards were stolen and $86 million of the proceeds were used for other fraudulent purposes.

In 2007 he was arrested on charges of operating CardersMarket, a forum where other cybercriminals bought and sold sensitive data such as credit card numbers. Furthermore, when his master plan came to light, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Release of Max Butler, restitution, alias

After 13 years in prison, he was released and was under supervision for 5 years. Butler was released from FCI Victorville Medium 2, in 2021. He had to pay $27.5 million for the robbery of him and as compensation to the victims. He used his alias “Iceman” while running CardersMarket.

Max Butler Wife, Children

Max Butler and Kimi Winters got married in 2005 and have been married ever since. According to an online source, Kimi Winters supported her husband during her arrest and asked people who worked with him to issue him certificates of character. She says that his contribution to Computer Security has not been appreciated and that for justice to be done, people who have worked with him should come forward. Max Butler appears to have no children of his own.

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Max Butler Information Desk

Name Max Butler (Vision)
Nickname Iceman
Gender Male
Profession Technical Consultant, Ethical Hacking
Height (approx.) N/A
Approximate weight.) N/A
Figure measurements Not available
Eye color Hazelnut color
Hair color Dark brown
Birthdate July 10, 1972
Age (as of 2022) 50 years
place of birth Meridian, Idaho
Zodiac sign/sun sign Cancer
Nationality American
Native city Idaho
School Meridian High School

Bishop Kelly High School

College Boise State University
Educational qualification University dropout
Religion Christendom
Ethnicity Mixed
Breed Not available
ADDRESS Not available
Hobbies/interests N/A
Civil status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends Not available
Sexuality Right
Parents N/A
Siblings 1 brother
Husband/Wife/Spouse Kimi winters
Children N/A
Net worth $4 million

Hacker’s social media accounts

You can see his documentary here.

Lesser Known Facts About Butler

  • He later changed his name to Max Vision.
  • His life and criminal scheme were turned into a short documentary, shown in an episode of the CNBC television show called “American Greed.”
  • He used an alias Iceman.
  • His wife, Kimi Winters, supported him in his life.
  • He developed “an online community resource called “Advanced Reference File of Current Heuristics for Network Intrusion Detection Systems” or arachNIDS.”

Frequently asked questions about cybercrime

1) How long did you remain in prison?

He remained in prison for 13 years, which is the longest time served for hacking-related crimes.

2) How old are you?

He is currently 50 years old.

3) Do you have children?

No, he doesn’t have children.

4) How much money did you make with your Master Plan?

He earned almost $86 million thanks to his hacking skills and scheme.

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