Meet Ashley Ciarra, who plays Luna in Netflix’s Chupa

The new Netflix trailer for Chupa, an adventure and fantasy film, has caused a sensation and is arousing the admiration of viewers. Directed by three young actors, Evan Whitten, Ashley Ciarra and Nickolas Verdugo, the story follows a teenager and his cousins ​​on their visit to Mexico. While exploring, they encounter a Chupacabra that lives in his grandfather’s shed.

The performances of these child actors delighted everyone’s hearts and showed off their incredible talent.

Who is Ashley Ciarra?

Ashley Ciarra is an actress and child model. She rose to fame playing the character of Luna in the feature film Chupa, directed by Jonás Cuarón. She starred in the title role alongside Demián Bichir, Christian Slater, Evan Whitten and Nickolas Verdugo.

About the movie ‘Chupa’

Jonás Cuarón, co-writer of the Oscar-winning film “Gravity” and son of “Roma” director Alfonso Cuarón, has directed the Netflix fantasy adventure film Chupa, which follows 13-year-old Alex (Evan Whitten) in an exciting trip from Kansas City to Mexico to meet his grandfather Chava (Demián Bichir). While staying at his grandfather’s ranch, Alex makes a new furry, mythical friend and embarks on a series of exciting adventures. Chupa will be available for streaming on April 7.

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