Men in Covid masks steal $125k worth of Dior bags from New Jersey mall

In a daring incident, four men wearing Covid masks executed a holdup at a Dior store in New Jersey, making off with $125,000 worth of Dior handbags. According to Milburn police, the robbery occurred at the Short Hills shopping center, where the men broke into the store early Monday morning.

The sales associates, surprised by the intrusion, sought safety in a back office and immediately called the police. However, the robbers managed to escape in a black van before the police arrived, taking 25 stolen wallets with them.

A video shared on Instagram captured the thieves fleeing the store while holding the valuable bags, with one even reaching for a Dior handbag on a shelf.

Passers-by were stunned to see the four men rushing across the mall esplanade, carrying their loot. According to the mall directory, Dior is located near Nieman Marcus on the upper level of the mall.


The incident raised concerns about security measures and prompted authorities to further investigate the matter.

In January, Milburn police received a report of a robbery at the Apple Store at Short Hills Mall. According to employees, a man was seen fleeing with merchandise.

Officers located the suspect in his car in the mall parking lot and discovered more than $6,000 worth of stolen Apple products. Police confirmed that the items were indeed stolen.

The 41-year-old culprit, Giorgi Mtchedlidz of Brooklyn, was charged with shoplifting, receiving stolen property and possessing drug paraphernalia.

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While Dior’s recent collection for the summer season features a variety of bags, their prices range from $5,000 to $15,000.

The Small Lady Dior bag, which costs $14,000, is the next most expensive bag on the list after the Medium Lady D-Lite bag, which costs $14,500.

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