Midweek Blooms: If you love Miley Cyrus’ ‘Used To Be Young’, here are 6 songs you should add to your playlist

It happens to all of us. We grow and change hits us like a wave. Although, throughout our 20s, we racked our brains wondering why we grew up, missing days we could return to in the blink of an eye if a time machine ever showed up on our porch, yet all the longings and the lost beats calm down. once the bar reaches 30.


Feeling this same maturity, Miley Cyrus just gave her fans the record of the year with her recent release, ‘Used To Be Young’. In the song, Cyrus opens her heart for people to inspect. She remembers the last decade of her, that she painted an infamous picture of him. The crazy fallen pop star who changed the trajectory of her career just by sticking his tongue out of her too often.

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Well, it looks like the wave called adulthood hit Cyrus as hard as it hit all of us. He talks about growing up and overcoming heartbreak and “wasted nights,” which he, he sings, were never really wasted.

The singer’s latest release, ‘Flower’, also became an anthem for self-love campaigns, and it seems that this new song will be the official anthem for millennials entering their 30s. Fans are already calling the song “The Climb pt 2,” a reference to Miley’s 2009 release, which also became a hit for its powerful message and her raw vocals.

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Used to be Young by Miley Cyrus is the perfect epitome of realizing that it’s okay to be young, wild and free. Honestly, it’s just a phase because when we are older, we will remember and cherish every moment of our youth 🌥️

– You! n (@melyhotstuff) August 30, 2023

Miley Cyrus Used To Be Young Is So Beautiful

-Ru (@RuTheObserver) August 30, 2023

Finding out that the chords used in Used To Be Young are reminiscent of The Climb isn’t something I needed to find out in the cafe because I’m really trying not to be emo in front of all these people.

– aubie 🙂 (@aubreydmurphy) August 28, 2023

I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but the chorus of ‘used to be young’ actually sounds similar to that of ‘the rise’. Both songs have a big impact on me. Growing up with Miley makes me feel like there is someone in front of me, watching me and validating me. pic.twitter.com/EXJ7CkaYLv

— Faith⁷ | 윤민 (@_jiyoon_ie) August 27, 2023

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Songs to listen to if you loved Miley Cyrus when she was young

The alternative/indie pop song is a highly anticipated ballad from the singer. it’s part of her endless summer vacation studio album, which also features hits like ‘Jaded’, ‘Flowers’ and more. If you’re also hooked on their latest release like us, here are six songs you should listen to and mix things up a bit.

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When we were young, Adèle

This song may not be a new addition to everyone’s playlist, but it still deserves recognition on this list of recommendations. Especially since Miley mentioned in an Instagram story that while she was writing ‘Used To Be Young’, she thought of Adele quite often.

Mountain with a view, Kelsea Ballerini

If you could have a mix of Taylor Swift’s voice and Miley Cyrus’ raw songwriting, then this would be the dream mutation. The song looks at a faded relationship that ran its course as the singer grew older. The song makes the goodbye hopeful rather than just a tearful farewell, much like Miley’s new release, which she sees moving forward with a touch of abandonment and a mountain of growth.

Panic attacks in paradise: Ashnikko

Featuring the same raw vocal lines as Miley’s ‘Used To Be Young’, Ashnikko’s song is very different from her usual viral rock/grunge image. While Miley’s song talks about leaving the party scene and ending that phase of her life, Ashnikko, who is still in her prime in her twenties, describes the life Miley seems to have said goodbye to.

Solitaire: Noah Cyrus

Much darker than her sister’s hit, Noah’s song will give you the same goosebumps as Miley’s. The desperation and exposed honesty of Noah’s voice in the song are enough to make any listener shed a few tears while listening to the song. Like Ashnikko’s song, Noah also shows signs of being enveloped by the blinds of youth that make life seem lonely and impossible.

We could be looking for the same thing: silver Jews

If, after listening to Miley’s hit songs for most of the day, you have even an inkling of interest in joining indie bands, then Silver Jews is a good place to start. This song will be familiar to fans of Miley as it echoes hints of her alternative/indie vibe.

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Cheesin’ – Cautious Clay

If you’re someone who frequently listens to SZA, HER or even Daniel Ceasar and are looking to get out of your R&B comfort zone after playing Miley’s ‘Used To Be Young’, then this is definitely more your style. An alternative R&B track, Clay’s song is a lighthearted ride for indie beginners.

Give us your favorite recommendations to add to this list in the comments below!

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