Milton Homicide Police Investigate Fatal Shooting

In recent years, we have constantly heard news of shootings in which multiple people are losing their lives. This news has now become a common news to hear, but still, it shakes us every time we hear it. We don’t know how criminals easily obtain dangerous weapons, but now it is becoming essential that police take strict action against them and they must stop trading such weapons in the market. There are many cases that are pending or remain on the list to be resolved and instead of decreasing, the number is constantly increasing.

Milton Homicide

A recent shooting was reported that claimed the life of one person and injured two others in Milton. Now this news has become mainstream news all over the world and people want to know what exactly happened and what is the motive behind this shooting and who is the suspect or is he related to the victim or is it just an act of his insanity . All these questions are currently going around in people’s minds and we want to find out about them as well. Scroll down for more details on this case.

Reports indicate Halton police are investigating after a man was fatally shot. This incident occurred in Milton on Sunday morning and the case has been filed. The policemen detained 2 other men while they tried to determine the exact circumstances of the killer. The police have shared some reports of this case and they claim that shots were fired just after 5:00 am in the morning in Gibson Crescent when two men entered the house and met another guy. Reports indicate that one of the 2 was killed.

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After hearing the voice of a bullet and suddenly the neighbors come out of the house and are shocked. They could see the bullet hole in the window at the back of the house. Neighbors informed the police that they heard the 4 bullet shots. They also described a mother and her innocent son residing in the home, and state police were called there approximately 1 week ago. Aman Zia, a neighbor of the victim, affirms that “they were saying that there were some people here trying to enter by force or some vehicle, they were trying to loot the car.” This incident has shocked the area and the residents are scared and depressed. They are requesting the police to increase their security to prevent such cases and take strict action against these criminals.

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