Mind-Bending Optical Illusion: Can You Expose Your Critical Side?

Optical illusions are visual stimuli that can trick our brain and our perception. They often present ambiguous or contradictory information, leading to discrepancies between what our eyes see and how our brain interprets it.

The first thing you perceive in this optical illusion will determine if you are really critical or too self-critical. Have a look.

TikTok screenshot

People were amazed by the accuracy of the illustration after Mia Yilin posted it on TikTok.

Pictured is a black crow sitting on a rock and stacking smaller rocks on top of each other. The profile of a man’s face is equally formed by the outline of the crow and the mountain of rocks. Which, however, did you notice first?

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If you saw the crow first

Take a good look because, in Mia’s opinion, they both mean very different things. “If you initially saw the crow, then you are someone who is very judgmental of others,” she argued.

Regardless of whether or not you appreciate this personality trait, you always form very strong opinions about everyone you meet. Having said that, you possess “very strong intuition” and often prove to be accurate in your predictions.

If you noticed the face first

faceTikTok screenshot

If you were among the group that noticed the face first, you are probably very self-critical. Mia said, “You do that as a defense mechanism because you’re so afraid of being disliked or rejected by others that you subconsciously want to be mean to yourself first.”

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It’s time to stop letting negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself keep you from being who you really are, she continued. The realism of the hoax wowed viewers after it was shared on TikTok.

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