Mother hid from son that his wife was unfaithful… and it happened in Choluteca

A citizen named Josefa Cruz expressed in an interview with a local media that to avoid family disintegration, she hid from her son that his wife was unfaithful.

“I was with him while I was with my son at his house, and I told him (his ex-daughter-in-law) ‘Óscar’ (the lover) is out there waiting for you because I didn’t want any more problems than what we had,” the woman expressed to the media. MetroTV of Choluteca.

According to the interview, in the Gracias a Cristo neighborhood of Choluteca, where the couple lived, all the neighbors knew that Maricela, Roger Cruz’s wife, was unfaithful to him, but only he was unaware of it.

The woman was sorry for hiding the truth from her son, but she did not want more problems in her home.

“What mother is going to allow that, to know what I deserve for having allowed it, but I just didn’t want things to be bigger,” he said.

Cruz expressed that the supposed third party in his son’s relationship was a neighbor, and that Roger has never been unfaithful to Marisela.

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“My son was not unfaithful, I rather covered up the mischief he does, but the girl (the couple’s daughter) was little,” said Josefa.

For his part, Roger pointed out that he did not know about the situation, but that currently, ‘he no longer feels anything for her.’

“Until recently she told me, I no longer feel anything for her, but I have my children and that is the best,” she concluded.

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Many infidels in Choluteca?

In January 2023, a case went viral on social networks, since a man named René Pacheco intended to marry two women in the same week.

The case was exposed by the father of one of the women, who interrupted the wedding that was taking place in Santa Ana de Yusguare, Choluteca.

In addition to the video of the moment, one of the wedding invitations and photos of the marriage proposal of one of the Honduran women were leaked.

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