Mother Refuses To Kill Daughter’s Head Lice Because She’s ‘Vegan’

Dealing with hair lice presents a challenging and often frustrating experience. The tiny parasites can be stubborn and difficult to manage, making their presence a source of discomfort and concern for many individuals.

A woman has criticized her neighbor who chose not to eliminate lice from her child’s head due to her adherence to a vegan lifestyle.

The woman revealed her struggle to protect her seven-year-old daughter from lice infestation, as the daughter is close friends with the girl next door who has lice.

The mother disclosed her desire for her daughter to maintain a friendship with the neighbor, yet she is also concerned about the possibility of her daughter getting lice from her friend.

In her online post, she recounted discussing the condition of the neighbor’s daughter, hoping that some action would be taken to address the situation.


However, much to her astonishment, the woman discovered that not only was the neighbor’s mother aware of her daughter’s head lice, but she intentionally chose to overlook it due to her vegan principles, as she didn’t want to harm a ‘living being.’

Furthermore, the woman’s neighbor confided in her that she had a habit of combing the lice and nits into the garden, allowing them a chance to survive.

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The deeply shocked mother shared in her post, “My jaw hit the floor,” as she recounted the revelation.

She respected her neighbor’s choice, even going the extra mile to prepare special food when her daughter, River, visited to play with her child.

In a state of helplessness, she conveyed her wish to keep the girls together and her determination to prevent her child’s head from becoming infested with pests.

The woman’s post stirred many surprised reactions from the online community. While one commenter dubbed the vegan mother a “monster,” several others used terms like “Nazi” and “germicidal” to label her. 

One astonished user even asked, “Does this woman not realize that simply combing those poor lice off their supporting hairs condemns them to a slow, parched death in the garden?”

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