Naagin Season 6 Written Update June 3, 2023 Full Episode Updates

We are here to share a written update about the most famous program Naagin 6. This program is very famous where you can see the amazing turning points. All the characters are great on the show. This program has created quite a following among the people. We saw a lot of amazing things on the show. This is the sixth season of the show, which is running with the great TRP on TV. It has completed 5 seasons successfully. The last written updates of Naagin 6 of today’s episode begins with a man who is covered in a mask and pastes the photos of the Raghu family and burns the image of Raghu.

June 3, 2023

You will see in the show that Nag Raj feels tension about the marriage and thinks that this is why his heart is not ready for this marriage. Swarna will come in the Mandap for the marriage with Ajay. Everyone will seem happy to see her. Swarana and Ajay will appear happily and Prarthana will give Nani’s Diviya Payal as a gift from her and says that he deserves it after her. She says thanks to her. Prathana and Raghu say that after the wedding they will decide the Uttaradhikari of Nagmani. She says that they will reach Nagmani on her account.

Naagin 6

Maskman enters the house and asks the kids where is NagMani and then the kids say that they have no idea about Mani. He fires the gun. They investigate for the money and a boy calls Raghu and tells him the status of them. He listens to everything. He doesn’t say anything about the problem. The marriage ends and they take everyone’s blessing. Prarthana notices that Raghu is going home and the Manglsutra of her has a break. She gets scared. Scroll down the page to learn more about the program.

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Naagin 6

You will see this on the show when Raghu enters the house. He sees someone and fights. Among the alteration occurred a shot from a firearm. Prarthan reaches there and tells him everything. They try to find all the children. She freaks out after seeing the bloodstain. They find that the NagMani is also missing. They notice the name of Mr. Maut. She found all the children there, who had lost their lives, and she screamed. She says that she won’t forgive them and that she will kill him like that. You can watch the full episode on Colors Tv. Stay tuned for more Naagin 6 written updates.

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