Nancy Ezhaya crash: Wrong way crash in Falmouth linked to death

Today, we are going to share with you some very sad and shocking news. A tragic mishap on Monday resulted in the death of 72-year-old Yarmouth resident Nancy Ezhaya, who passed away. So far it is known that Nancy started the collision by jaywalking into the wrong lane. Nancy and the other motorist were killed in the collision, and another victim suffered serious injuries and is reportedly in critical condition. On Monday, Nancy Ezhaya died as a result of an accident. She and another driver were involved in a fatal wrong-way collision at the scene in Falmouth, Maine. Scroll down to learn more about her case.

Nancy Ezhaya Accident Wrong Way Accident

Nancy Ezhaya accident

Allen’s wife, who was reportedly in the passenger seat, sustained injuries. According to a police report, she is in critical condition. The north side of the highway was closed in that region after the collision for about three hours. As a result, until the road was opened just after 1 p.m., traffic in Falmouth was diverted onto Route 1. Nancy Ezhaya’s official obituary has yet to be released to the media. Likewise, none of her relatives have spoken publicly about her death. However, everyone knows about the incident that resulted in Nancy’s death. Social media platforms have been used to spread the news, with some users also paying tribute to those who perished in the tragic event.

Nancy Ezhaya accident

Wrong way accident in Falmouth

The fatal collision on Interstate 295 near Falmouth reportedly occurred around 10 a.m. Monday. According to a police report, the Toyota van that collided with the Honda van was moving south on the northbound ramp near exit 11. Nancy was the one driving the Toyota van, however it is unknown what caused Ezhaya to take Wrong exit onto I-295. Allen Apblett, an Oklahoman, was another accident victim who died. Both SUV drivers were killed in the collision and were pronounced dead at the scene.

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Wrong way accident in Falmouth linked to death

Nancy Ezhaya, 72, was a Yarmouth resident. Some of her acquaintances have expressed her grief for her family and tributes to her after her passing. Nancy herself was a teacher at Bonny Eagle, where she spent a significant amount of time working, according to one social media user. “Very sad,” she wrote. For many years, Ms. Ezhaya taught at Bonny Eagle. a very nice woman. May her soul rest in peace. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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