Natalia Delgado video of Cali, Who is the protagonist of the MIO cable of Cali?

Natalia Delgado’s video occurred in the cabins of the Cali Integrated Mass Transportation System, a recording which went viral on networks.

In recent days, Natalia Delgado’s name went viral for her video in Cali and several mentioned that this recording of the MIO cable is the version of the Ecuador cable car.

However, the protagonist of the video gave her statements about the scene which went viral on social networks.

In the video of Natalia Delgado in Cali, you can see the protagonist in an intimate moment, recording adult content, as a result of which the young woman received a fine.

Who is Natalia Delgado, protagonist of the MIO Cable,Cali video?

Naty Delgado, as she is also known on social networks, is an adult content actress who has several fines for violating paragraph 2 of the code of coexistence and citizen security of Cali.

It is not the first recording of this type by the actress, since in a podcast she comments on the places in which she has made racy videos.

Furthermore, Natalia Delgado mentioned the main idea of ​​launching herself into stardom was through exhibitionism, mentioning that she has no shame in making these types of videos publicly.

The monument of Cristo Rey, in Cali, is one of the first monuments that the actress “desecrated”, as mentioned by the podcast moderator, to which she replied that she did it for the love of her work.

There were many comments and criticisms of Natalia Delgado for her MIO Cable video in Cali, mentioning that it is an immoral act and others mentioning that the young woman has no dignity.

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