Navi Mumbai International Airport Opening Date, Photos, Status, Name and Cost

Photos, Status, Name, Opening, Cost, Project Details and other details of Navi Mumbai International Airport can be checked here. The upcoming airport facility, Navi Mumbai International Airport, will be the second largest airport in Mumbai and one of the largest in the country.

Navi Mumbai International Airport

It is one of the most awaited projects of the Adani group and aims to give a big boost to the state’s economy. In this article we have all the necessary details about the project such as its photos, current status, name, opening, cost and project.

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Maharashtra’s most ambitious project, Navi Mumbai International Airport, is currently under construction. All major transport networks in the city will be connected to the airport. Adani Airports will oversee the management of the airport. It is planned to operate alongside the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and will become the second largest airport in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Photos of Navi Mumbai International Airport

Travelers can avail a variety of amenities at the new Navi Mumbai International Airport. Although the airport construction and runway are almost complete, essential services such as baggage handling, dining options and retail establishments are still being built.

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Since the project is going to be magnificent, the public of Maharashtra is excited to get the photos of the Navi Mumbai International Airport. That is why in this article we will provide some photos of the most anticipated project. Additionally, we understand that you would like to know more about the upcoming project. Therefore, we have also included some other details including its current status, name, opening, cost and project.

Navi Mumbai International Airport Status

The foundation stone of the most ambitious airport project was laid on February 18 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Navi Mumbai International Airport Limited (NMIAL), which is under the leadership of Adani Group, is setting up this project. The Adani Group bought a majority stake in Navi Mumbai International Airport in 2021.

CIDCO then gave the Adani Group around 2,866 acres of land to build on in 2022. The Adani Group started constructing the runway and terminal in June 2022 after receiving the land from CIDCO. The project is scheduled to welcome the public in December 2024, according to media reports.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis observed the work being carried out at the site through an aerial survey on June 9, 2023. Following the reconnaissance of the area, Adani Group officials gave the two leaders a detailed presentation of the airport’s features.

The goal is to make the airport one of the most environmentally responsible and energy efficient buildings in the world. Therefore, the Maharashtra CM cited that this airport will be important for both Maharashtra and the country as a whole.

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Name and opening of Navi Mumbai International Airport

Navi Mumbai International Airport has been officially named DB Patil International Airport. This name was given to the airport in honor of a former leader of the Peasants and Workers Party, DB Patil. A four-phase framework will be used to complete construction of the airport.

The project will be completed in its first two phases in December 2024. According to estimates, the project will be fully completed in 2032. The project was started in November 1997.

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Navi Mumbai International Airport Cost

The latest airport infrastructure developed by CIDCO in Maharashtra will be spread over an area of ​​1,160 hectares. The famous news outlet Hindustan Times reported that the total construction cost of the airport will be approximately Rs 16,700 crore. It was also reported that the airport will be equipped to receive 2.5 million tons of cargo.

Navi Mumbai International Airport Project

British design and architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects is responsible for the creation of the Navi Mumbai International Airport. The three state-of-the-art terminal structures will be connected to each other and will have the latest technology. The design will be influenced by the lotus formation, the national flower of India.

This new construction project is being built in three phases by CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation). With two 3,700m x 60m runways, the Navi Mumbai International Airport facility will be able to handle 10 million passengers a year once the first phase is completed, 25 million the following year and finally 60 million a year by 2032.

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For the first phase, an annual capacity of 25 million passengers is expected. The third phase of construction will take it to its maximum potential, allowing it to serve more than 90 million passengers per year.

The apron area of ​​Navi Mumbai International Airport is 720,000 sq ft, the terminal is 180,000 sq ft and there is space for 10 C code aircraft in the parking area. The new airport will have two runways separated by 1.55 kilometers, each of which will cover an area of ​​1,160 hectares.

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The domestic cargo terminal will have an area of ​​33,000 square meters (360,000 sq ft), while the international cargo terminal will have an area of ​​23,700 square meters (255,000 sq ft) at the Navi Mumbai International Airport.

The airport will be extremely respectful from an energy and environmental point of view thanks to the latest technology. The station will only use electric vehicles and all its activities will be carried out with green electricity produced on site from solar energy.

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