New iOS Update Moves ‘End Call’ Button to Bottom Right

As part of Apple’s upcoming iPhone software update, one of the changes may require you to retrain your thumbs. CNBC report, one of the changes and new features in the iOS 17 update will involve moving the “End Call” button from the center of the call screen to the bottom right.

According to a screenshot displayed by CNBC, the button that will replace the “End Call” button in the center of the call screen is the one that brings up the Keypad. Long-time iPhone users who are used to ending calls by pressing the center button may need some time to readjust. There are already complaints from some social media users.

According to CNBC, iOS 17 is expected to bring significant changes to the iPhone’s app interface, making it one of the most extensive revamps in years. According to a preview on the Apple website, some of the new features being introduced include enhanced personalization for calls, live voicemail, FaceTime messaging, and the option to transform your photos into stickers.

The current version of the software is in beta form, indicating that some features may undergo changes before the update is officially released.

The official release of the iOS 17 update is scheduled for this fall.

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