Nikki Allan Death: Where Is Murder Suspect David Thomas Boyd Now?

It’s hard to believe that someone can kill someone. Although we often hear this kind of news every time it makes us wonder how someone can kill a person so easily despite knowing that it is a sin. Well, sometimes the circumstances surrounding the situation cause a person to commit a crime, but sometimes people do it on purpose. However, every time this news makes us sad and makes us wonder when it will stop. Well, maybe never at least until the end of the world. Anyway, we all came here to get the detailed news of Nikki Allan’s murder, which is creating quite a stir. People want to know who killed her and why.

Nikki Allan Death Case

The report states that David Thomas Boyd is identified as her killer. However, he denies the murder charge and claims that someone is plotting against him. Well, the police are looking into the matter and trying to find out the reality of it. The victim was only 7 years old when someone killed her. She hailed from Sunderland Tyne and Wear. He lived in the Wear Garth Apartments together with his mother named Sharon. Her mother was raising her along with her other 3 siblings.

nikki allan

Her mother’s world ended when someone murdered her daughter on October 7, 1992. Her murder was so brutal we can’t even think about it. She had been hit in the head with a brick and stabbed 37 times. At first, it was thought that George Heron was her killer, but she got a clean trap by killing her in 1993 at Leeds Crown Court. Nikki Allan was just 7 years old when a killer brutally took her life. On October 8, 1992, police officers along with 100 volunteers searched for Nikki overnight and later discovered her body in the basement of the Old Exchange Building.

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nikki allan

At first, the police thought George Heron was the boy’s killer. He even denied that he knew Nikki, but agreed that he did after bystanders came forward and stated that they had seen George with Allan in the weeks leading up to his murder. Although most of the evidence against him was circumstantial. In addition to this, a jury at Leeds Crown Court acquitted him of killing. The victim was driven to the moor by the River Wear, where he received a blow to the head which caused him to bleed. Meanwhile, David Boyd is claimed to be Nikki’s killer. The murder trial is still ongoing and David Thomas Boyd has been found guilty of his murder. He was arrested in April 2018.

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