Nikki Haley Defends Claim America ‘Never Was a Racist Country’ at NH Town Hall Before Primary

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley repeated her belief that “America was never a racist country” in her final appeal to New Hampshire voters before the state’s Republican primary on Tuesday.

Haley defended the controversial comment she made earlier this week during Thursday night’s town hall at New England College with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, after the scheduled debate between Haley and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was canceled. .

Tapper pressed Haley on the comment, pointing out that slavery was institutionalized in the Constitution and that the White House was built on slave labor, but Haley stood her ground and said she did not believe the founding fathers established the country on racist principles. .

The former South Carolina governor, who was born in the southern state to Indian parents, described her experience growing up as a “brown girl” from “a small rural town” who experienced “a lot of racism.”

However, she said her parents “never said we lived in a racist country and I’m so glad they didn’t.”

Nikki Haley defended her claim that the United States was never a racist country.Nikki Haley defended her claim that the United States was never a racist country. AP

“For every brown and black child out there, if you tell them that they live or were born in a racist country, you are immediately telling them that they don’t have a chance,” Haley continued. “My parents always said you’ll face challenges and yes, there will be racist people, but that doesn’t define what you can do in this country.”

Haley claimed that “we have too many people with this national self-hatred” and that it is “killing our country.”

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“We have to love America again. “We are blessed because that little brown girl from that small rural town grew up to become the first minority governor in this country…and she is now running for president of the United States,” she said.

Tapper again criticized that the founding of the country and its institutions were linked to racism, but Haley responded that “the intention was to do the right thing.”

nikki haleyHaley is hoping for an upset victory over frontrunner Donald Trump in Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire. fake images

“I don’t think he [founding fathers’] The intention was always that we were going to be a racist country. The intention was that everyone would be created equal,” he said.

When DeSantis was asked to respond to Haley’s comments in a CNN High Room on Tuesday, he said he believes the United States is “not a racist country” now, but that he “has had challenges with how the nation was viewed.” race”.

Polls released this week show former president and frontrunner Donald Trump with a double-digit lead over Haley in the Granite State: 52% to 38%, following Trump’s landslide victory in Iowa last week.

DeSantis trails them in the polls by single digits.

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