Officer warns teens they ‘may be shot to death’ if they participate in TikTok Door Knock challenge

Police in Texas say a social media challenge involving teenagers “is causing both physical and emotional distress to residents of all ages.”

The Friendswood Police Department said they have received reports from victims of the “viral TikTok Door Knock challenge that encourages people to knock or kick doors in the middle of the night in an effort to scare residents.”

Doorbell camera videos posted to the department’s Facebook page show teenagers running through neighborhoods in the middle of the night, with one even using a 5-gallon water jug ​​to hit the front door of a home.

“I would tell them to stop doing it before they get hurt or hurt someone. Please do not do this. It is incorrect. It’s very bad,” 77-year-old victim Gwen told FOX 26 Houston. “It was scary. It was scary. It was scary.”

The challenge is not only terrifying, but possibly criminal.

Some of the kicking and slamming on doors is causing damage, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s District 3 Deputy Chief Jimmy Evans told FOX 26.

The teenagers can be seen approaching the door in the middle of the night. Friendswood Police Department A teenager can be seen using a 5-gallon water jug ​​to knock on the door of a Texas home during what police are calling a social media challenge. Friendswood Police Department

“This is a very dangerous game, a very dangerous game,” Evans added, calling the challenge a new vision of ding, dong, ditch. “I fear that a homeowner may think that someone is trying to rob their residence and that some innocent child may be shot or killed.”

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Friendswood Police say they are in the process of identifying what appear to be teenage males kicking and banging on doors.

The Friendswood Police Department in Texas is aware of the viral TikTok Door Knock challenge. Friendswood Police Department

They are asking victims to come forward, especially if they have videos of the alleged crimes in the act.

As for Gwen, she told FOX 26 that it will cost $2,500 to fix the pieces of her door that were broken at the bottom of the frame.

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