Ola Adventure Bike Price in India, Top Speed, Range, Release Date, Mileage

You will find the necessary details about Ola Adventure bike price in India, top speed, range, release date and mileage from here. After the Ola S1 X, there could be something much better than what pilots can imagine. This is the new Adventure Bike for cyclists who want to travel challenging paths to reach their destination. For your convenience, we have shared the complete information about Ola Adventure bike price in India, its features and more in this article.

Ola Adventure bike price in India

Just as the name suggests, the Adventure Bike has been designed exactly like a bicycle, but it actually falls under the category of an electric bike. Ola Adventure Bike is designed with USD forks and spoked wheels located at the front and rear. This feature makes the bike perfect for an adventure. This is an electric vehicle.

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The Ola Adventure bike price in India is Rs 2.8 lakh per vehicle. Please refer to the important details from here to make a final decision on the purchase of the bike. Don’t make snap judgments, understand the features and functionality first, then think of a possibility.

Ola Top Speed ​​Adventure Bike

Ola S1 X is one of the best electric vehicles. The Ola S1X price in India is Rs 1,09,999. Vibrant colors are available for the passengers to choose from. Its maximum speed is 90 km/h with a range of around 100 km. With a 3kWh battery, you can travel to your destination without problems.

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123 km/h is the top speed of the adventure bike. Limitations and limits are something that the adventure bike covers everything. Insert the key, take the run, wear a helmet, and you’re good to go.

Ola Adventure Bike Overview

Vehicle name Ola adventure bike
Company Name wave
vehicle category Electric bicycle
Top Speed ​​Wave Adventure Bike 123 kilometers per hour
Range 126 km
Ola Adventure bike price in India Rs 2.8 lakh
Release date 2024
Battery 4.32 kWh
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Ola Adventure bike range

Elegant, comfortable, safe and powerful; Ola Adventure Bike is becoming a star for cyclists day by day. You can’t imagine the joy when it will be released. Reservations will start earlier for the vehicle.

The autonomy of the Wave S1X is around 100 km according to its different variants. This is a satisfactory range for cyclists who opt for regular rides around the city. Generally, the autonomy of an electric bicycle is greater than that of an electric scooter. Thus, the Ola Adventure Bike range will be up to the task. We will know the range once the vehicle is launched.

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Ola Adventure Bike Release Date

With the frequent appearance of models from the Ola company, the unshakable expectations of cyclists rise. Wave S1 Air, S1 Pro, S1X and now Adventure Bike; Do you think that people will not admire the options that the company offers them?

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Ola Adventure Bike will probably be launched in 2024. There are a few months left before the new year begins.

What is the mileage on an adventure bike?

The total distance the adventure bike can go with a full 4.32 kWh battery will help a bit in making a decision. At the moment no mileage estimate can be made as the vehicle has not yet been presented.

The best that Ola offers passengers is affordability, a smooth ride, safety, reliability and authenticity. There are several buyers to date since Ola launched its electric scooter. You will be surprised to know the wide collection that the company has to offer you.

Being an active citizen of the country, you must check the required details of the vehicle before buying it. The main reason is that fraud is part of this buying and selling process. Second, prioritize your requirements and then consult a knowledgeable person to finalize your choice.

The next thing is to confirm the price of the adventure bike. You can make a call to Ola customer service for payment details and options. Finally, don’t forget to bring the essential documents like the payment receipt, the guarantee card and more.

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