On The Hunt For Bigfoot: ‘Barefoot Prints’ Discovered Deep In Alaska Wilderness Send Believers Into Frenzy

In an astounding turn of events, the finding of what is being characterised as “barefoot prints” deep within Alaska’s untamed wilderness has thrown the world of Bigfoot fans into a frenzy. The prints, discovered in a remote and rocky section of the state, have reignited belief in the existence of the elusive monster.

Local hikers discovered the prints while on an adventure in a region known for its difficult terrain and deep woodlands. The footprints, which are said to be larger than those of an average human, are devoid of any apparent indications of footwear, sparking conjecture that they could be those of the legendary Bigfoot.

After barefoot tracks were discovered in the Alaskan Arctic, some Bigfoot believers believe they have found proof of the elusive beast. Images of possible Sasquatch tracks were uploaded on Sage Sully’s Bigfoot Believers Facebook page.

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Mysterious Discovery: Barefoot Prints Stoke Excitement Among Bigfoot Enthusiasts In Alaskan Wilderness

Alaska Wilderness Finds Barefoot Prints Of BigfootFacebook/Bigfoot Believers

The photographs depict barefoot prints pushed into the dirt, with the heels and toes clearly visible. Two of the prints had tape measures next to them, one measuring around 11 inches and the other approximately 12 inches.  

Alaska Wilderness Finds Barefoot Prints Of BigfootAlaska Wilderness Finds Barefoot Prints Of BigfootFacebook/Bigfoot Believers

This makes the prints very modest in comparison to prior tracks said to be from a Sasquatch. In July, a 20-inch-long trace was discovered. Another earlier this year measured 16 inches. Sage’s friend estimated that the two impressions were made by humans because they were roughly the size of a size 12 UK shoe. 

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Alaska Wilderness Finds Barefoot Prints Of BigfootFacebook/Bigfoot Believers

However, several individuals referred to their location—the Alaska wilderness—as evidence that something more thrilling was to blame. The Alaskan wilderness has been a hotspot for purported Bigfoot sightings and interactions for many years. 

Its vast and desolate terrain provides sufficient potential for such mysteries, resulting in a committed community of Bigfoot hunters and fans who spend endless hours scouring the region for evidence.

Alaska Wilderness Finds Barefoot Prints Of BigfootFacebook/Bigfoot Believers

While the discovery of these barefoot prints has yet to be definitively linked to the elusive species, it unquestionably contributes to the continuing discussion. The zeal and enthusiasm are unlikely to abate anytime soon as word spreads throughout the Bigfoot-believing community and beyond.

Whether these prints represent the elusive proof that believers have been searching for or simply another piece of the eternal Bigfoot puzzle, they have undoubtedly revived the interest of those enthralled by the thought of this fabled creature stalking the wilds of Alaska.

The Internet Is Guessing: Bear Or Human?

On Facebook, Bigfoot Believer has shared the images, and there are over 240 likes and many comments. The netizens can’t believe that they have such a huge foot.

Alaska Wilderness Finds Barefoot Prints Of BigfootFacebook/Bigfoot Believers

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