One Piece Chapter 1088 Reddit Spoilers: Garp about to die?

This article will cover “One Piece” Chapter 1088. The heated conflicts on Beehive Island continue in the most recent chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1088. Readers were left hanging at the end of the last chapter with Garp endangered by Kuzan’s persistent attack. Koby fans can also look forward to exciting news when he introduces a new assault known as the honesty shock. We will examine the main developments of Chapter 1088 and talk about its ramifications for Garp and Koby in this essay. Now chapter 1088 spoilers are available in this article. Please read it carefully to know everything.

One Piece Chapter 1088 Reddit Spoilers

Before One Piece chapter 1088 spoiler, you need to read the quick summary of the latest chapter 1087. The latest chapter of One Piece 1087 was called “Battleship Bag”. The last chapter mainly focused on the flashback of Gurp and Kuzan. The flashback of both of them when they were both younger. This chapter highlights that Garp was severely injured when he was trying to save Coby from Shriyu’s attack. At the end of chapter 1087, it shows the exchange of blows between Garp and Kuzan when Garp left the weakened on the ground, and told Koby that everything will be fine as long as there is justice. Now read One Piece chapter 1088 spoilers in the next stanza of this article.

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So, One Piece chapter 1088 was titled the “Last Lesson”. This title refers to this being the end of this hive island saga and this will be the last exchange of fists between Garp and Kuzan. Koby fans will love this chapter, Etonboy (leaker) told us before the official spoilers for this chapter emerged. In the Blackbeard Pirates, Koby uses a new move called Honesty Impact. Despite having a name that closely resembles Garp’s most recent attack, “Galaxy Impact”, Koby does not possess Conqueror’s Haki, so it will be fascinating to see how he uses this new attack. Now that Kuzan has taken the lead, he strikes Garp with his ice sword, piercing the old man in the chest. The Blackbeard Pirates surround Garp while this is happening to prevent him from escaping Kuzan’s attack.

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Kuzan begins to freeze Garp while laughing. This brought to mind the incident where Kuzan froze Saul on the island of Ohara while the marines were destroying it. According to previous chapters, Saul is still alive, so Kuzan has plans for Garp once again. The chapter title, which states that the “legendary hero Garp disappeared on Beehive Island” and that his life status is unknown, supports this. The Marines appear on Egghead Island at the end of the chapter, indicating that the Egghead Island Saga is about to be reset because Luffy and his crew still haven’t made it out of Egghead with Vegapunk. One Piece Chapter 1088 is all set to release on July 23, 2023.

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