Optical illusion: test your vision by finding a camouflaged ground in this image

Optical illusions are visual images designed to trick our mind. They are also known as visual illusions and are often used as basic cognitive tests; its popularity can be seen in its wide use in popular culture. Optical illusions are classified into three types: literal, physiological, and cognitive.

Literal illusions occur when our brain misinterprets the physical qualities of an object. The way our eyes and brains perceive light and color causes physiological illusions. Cognitive illusions occur when our brain makes assumptions about what we are experiencing despite evidence to the contrary.

Optical illusions are a great way to test your visual skills and these puzzles provide a fascinating leisure activity to break the monotony of your daily routine.

Optical illusions are images that trick our mind into seeing something that doesn’t really exist. This is because the way our eyes and brains receive visual information can often be misleading.

This results in the images being filled with information that is already available in your brain. That’s why optical illusions help you improve your observation skills and become a puzzle master.

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Can you find the hidden floor in this optical illusion?

optical illusion Luxury floors and furniture

One of those optical illusions is circulating on the Internet, in which a piece of ground is hidden among the chaos. The graphic shows a scene of relocating a house with all the necessary elements preserved.

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However, if you look closely, you can see a small piece of flooring in the middle of the chaos. The color of the ground is very similar to that of the boxes, which makes it difficult to identify them all at once.

So the goal here is to find the floor in 27 seconds. Can you accept the challenge and do it within the time limit? Start the timer and put your observation skills to the test. Best wishes!

How is the apartment search going? Did you discover it among the packed items? Here are some tips: Enlarge the image. Take a deep breath and focus on the image.

Here is your answer:

Turn off all distractions. Still haven’t found it? Please, hurry up! Time flies! 3… 2 and 1! Oh no! 27 seconds have passed! Were you successful in locating the flat? Congratulations! Your observation skills are quite impressive. It’s okay if you didn’t find it. Even the most skilled problem solvers are stumped.

You can test your skills again by scrolling up and determining where the floor is visible, with no time limit. Here is the answer to the riddle:

solutionLuxury floors and furniture

Wasn’t this optical illusion a real test of your visual skills? Keep solving these puzzles and you will become a great puzzle master.

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